Assassin’s Creed Unity Has Pop In, Bugs And Low Frame Rates On All Builds

Reports are surfacing of frame rate problems and pop in for Assassin’s Creed Unity on all three platforms, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, even after the hefty 1gb day one patch has been applied.


The video above shows an interior of a church, surely one of the less complicated areas to render on PlayStation 4, and you can see the frame rate dropping and juddering.

The PC version, normally the platform with the least problems, has “killer [pop-in],” and “glitchy as hell” lighting according to prominent YouTube broadcaster, TotalBiscuit. Reddit forums for PS4 and Xbox One have many complaints, as does NeoGAF, “Some of those NPCs pop in so late you’d have to classify them as DLC,” joked one poster

Website Dealspawn posted their thoughts on the game and have encountered plenty of problems.

In terms of technical execution, the game is an utter shambles on PS4 — I can’t speak first-hand regarding other versions. Glitches abound, responsiveness is laughable, the context-sensitive detection areas around interactive objects like key mission items and reward chests are patchy and inconsistent.

The crowds are impressive, the game does a fine job of creating a visually engaging representation of Paris, but the framerate is horrible. Lengthy jumps see Arno hang in the air, crippling slowdown is everywhere (especially if you get into cover), and although the free-running repertoire and animation sets have been massively expanded, its not uncommon to see the framerate juddering down below the 15 fps mark.

As for the bugs, well, check out the pictures below.

The reviews for the game have just gone live and have confirmed the problems blighting Ubisoft’s game.

“Unity is plagued with performance issues too, which sadly blight an otherwise top-class product,” said Videogamer.”The framerate is atrocious in places, and at best is merely acceptable. The sweeping camera moves triggered by synchronisations, those ‘wow’ moments that have been synonymous with the series since it debuted all those years ago, betray just how taxing Unity is on its target hardware by failing to render smoothly any time they occur.”

“Unity suffers from some glaring performance issues, particularly on PlayStation 4, with frame-rates regularly taking a tumble in the same way they did in previous games,” commented Eurogamer.

“Rapid descents along the faces of buildings would sometimes send me clipping through structures, leave me floating in mid-air, or drop me through the bottom of the world into a hellish abyss of white. NPCs appeared to float in mid-air while others wielded invisible weapons. Twice, Unity crashed entirely, requiring a full restart of the software,” said Joystiq

“Its moment-to-moment performance varies between acceptable and abysmal, falling toward the latter entirely too often with a framerate I’d ballpark in the teens somewhere or, rarely, the single digits. Worse, I experience a number of hard crashes on the Xbox One version provided for review, and I fell through the ground into formless oblivion seven or eight times in my 20ish hours with the game. Load times are also prohibitively long, often taking a minute or more,” say Polygon.

Our review code hasn’t arrived yet, but we will have our thoughts on the game as soon as possible.

Source: Twitter / YouTube / Reddit / Reddit / Dealspawn / NeoGAF / Videogamer / Eurogamer / Joystiq / Polygon



  1. Jesus wept. That third glitch picture is horrendous. If that happened while I was playing I would definitely poo myself.

    • I like that one the best. Reminds me of Beetlejuice.

      • Hahaha. They should keep this glitch in for laughs.

      • I was thinking more of John Carpenter’s They Live. It’s what you see if you’re wearing the special sunglasses.

      • Yes, that’s also true actually!

        Additionally, it also kinda looks like its a cartoon & someone has (literally) just blown his face off with a shotgun.

      • I like best. It also reminds me of beetlejuice.

  2. You would think with the new generation of consoles, all these errors we’re getting on launches would have been irradiated. Oddly there are more launch issues now than I’ve ever known!

    • Greed. Trying to make 4/5 versions of the same game instead of 2/3. PS3/360 need to go. Ive never known a console generation like this.

      • I thought Unity was PS4/Xbox One/PC only?

        Isn’t Rogue for last gen?

      • This one is PS4 Xbox One and PC only this time,although there is the other AC for the last gen consoles.

      • Yea I think you might be right there.

        I guess its just general laziness/incompetence then :)

      • I can’t help but feel that they split Unity and Rogue between the generations as an excuse to release two AC games at once. We’ll probably see Rogue on current gen next-year.

    • If anything with the increase of digital distribution this seems to be becoming more common place. Why bother to finish a game within time frames when you can lop out a patch on day one? Why bother to hire play testers, which I’m convinced Ubisoft no longer do, to find bugs in your games when you can get the day one purchasers to do that for you and make a profit at the same time. Stick out a few more patches, drop the price to compensate now that the people too silly to wait have come and gone. Then repeat the entire thing next year cause they can. Lately the gaming community seems to be taking a stand more and more to anticonsumer methods from publishers and I really hope this sentiment starts to extent to Ubisoft and their poor professional practice.

  3. Glad I didn’t per-order this after the Steam/uPlay shambles and now this, although that 3rd pic did make me laugh!

  4. Newsflash: Assassins Creed Unity allows you to speak to ghosts in Armour.

  5. I watched someone streaming the ps4 version last night for a good hour and didn’t notice any issues apart from the odd npc pop in occasionally,other than that it seemed fine.

    • I watched someone streaming it, and within 30 seconds, they fell through the ground into the white abyss. Seemed to take a long time before it realised too.

      • lol well honestly in the stream i watched it seemed fine he was happily frolicking around france,may have to watch a few more streams ;)

  6. When have Ubisoft ever released a game that wasn’t full of glitches? Ac4 was probably the least glitchy but it still had them.

    Its always safer to wait a few months before buying a Ubisoft game. Its cheaper and they’ve had time to actually finish it with a patch.

    Sick of paying Ubisoft to test their unfished games.

    • I heard talk of AC3 being full of bugs, but I can’t say I ever saw anything odd happen at all. Or in 4 either.

      It could just be that these issues are rare, but people tend to mention them. Nobody ever says they didn’t have any issues. (Except I just did, of course).

      And you could just ignore any weird little glitches in any of the AC games and say they were caused by the Animus. It’s a neat little get-out clause for them there ;)

      • I had a glitch in Ac3 where none of the characters mouths moved when they talked. It was pretty funny to be fair but Ac3 was definitely the most glitchy Ac game for me. I can’t remember any specificly other than the one above but I remember thinking it was really bad at the time.

        I was really impressed with Ac4 though. It’s a shame Ac Unity seems to have gone back to the bad old days. Doesn’t give me much hope for Ac Rogue if their main attraction is in such bad shape.

  7. I would suggest that those who get the game make sure it is fully installed before playing it as a few games on the PS4 allow you to play it before the progress bar to install it is finished and that causes massive slowndown in framerates.

  8. Same sloppy code, different game. Can’t wait for the inevitable excuse.

  9. I’m really glad I’ve gone for FC3 and GTA V for my choice for the run up to next year. My backlog is too big already. Hopefully it’ll be sorted next year.

  10. Well, after reading this article and the other one, with the review score round-up, I’ve cancelled my order. I’ll look forward to Far Cry 4 instead. Although saying that, FC4 is another Ubisoft game. Which doesn’t fill me with much confidence, what with their current track record.

    • Same here. Worried FC4 is a mess because I’ve been looking forward to it ages. Hopefully the embargo is up a bit before the release. If it turns out to be a mess, it’ll be GTAV for me.

    • I think I’ll give this a miss for a while. The reviews are pretty much making my mind up. I was keen to get into the co-op side but the single player campaign was still hugely important to me.

      The Christmas season is already chock-a-block with great games so this can definitely sit tight for a while.

    • Yeah but at least they gave review copies crazy early and beta tested the hell out of it ahead of time unlike unity.

    • I bought the game right at midnight on launch day (I know dumby me) and was loving the game. For about the first 10 minutes. Then the issues started. What a shame. I can’t believe this embargo, making reviewers wait before posting their reviews until noon ET launch day so people like me would have already purchased the game before seeing the review. Never buying another UniSoft game EVER again!

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