Curve Studios Announces Procedurally Generated Bounty Hunting Game White Space

Curve Studios has announced a new game called White Space, a game in which you are a bounty hunter searching for targets across a procedurally generated universe, with different planets to explore. The game is the brainchild of Curve’s design director Johnathan Biddle, who has been working on the title since last year. The above development diary is a very early alpha build of White Space, without things like weather systems which will affect missions.

The way missions work is that you have to go to a headquarters to pick up a bounty, and then find the planet where that target is located. Your ship will have to be capable to breach the planet’s atmosphere, which I guess points to an upgrade system for your craft. When you get to a planet you’ll have to carry out some detective work of your own, which means exploring the environment. Players will become engaged in battles against hostile forces, and will have to keep an eye on both the enemy and terrain when flying.

No platforms or release date has currently been confirmed.

Source: Curve Studios



  1. Former Hello Games employee? :-P

    • The game was in development long before No Man’s Sky was announced. If you check the developer’s Twitter feed you’ll see he’s tracking the number of people who call out NMS. I believe your comment makes it 8.

      Apart from the fact that the world is procedural and you fly around it, there is very little in common between the two games.

  2. Procedural seems to be the new industry buzzword, hopefully it doesn’t just mean empty!
    Getting a bit tired of the ‘cinematic’ trope now

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