Does Your PS4 Need More Stability? PS4 Firmware 2.02 Is Here To Help [Updated]

Update: It’s out now.

So yeah, we’re kind of running out of things to say when it comes to these firmware updates but we’ll do our best to deliver all the hard hitting details for Sony’s 2.02 firmware for PS4, which they just announced on Twitter and should go live shortly. It adds stability. The end.


Kidding aside, the PlayStation forums are still quite full of people claiming a variety of issues popped up with the last major firmware release, so hopefully these will alleviate some of those problems so everyone can get back to gaming without interruption.

If you notice anything special with 2.02 (other than all the stability, of course), be sure to let us know in the comments. It wasn’t available to download as of the time this article was published but these types of Twitter posts usually signify the update is only hours away.

Source: Twitter



  1. Software stability? Better framerates confirmed!

  2. One thing it has sorted is my auto-save to cloud. I kept receiving ‘could not upload to cloud delete some files’ or something like that.

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