[UPDATED] Alien Isolation Patched On Xbox One And PS4 To Fix Cut Scene Judder

Sega’s Alien Isolation game was generally we received but some players, myself included, have found the cinematic cut scenes were dropping frames and juddering when played. The good news is that as of today a new patch is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“We understand that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players have been experiencing issues in-game with the playback of cutscenes,” posted Creative Assembly. “We have been working hard on identifying the issue and are now ready to release patch 1.1 which should improve playback on both machines.”

The patch has been issued “in direct response to requests from our community of players who felt the cutscenes were affecting their enjoyment of the game.” The official forums were packed full of people reporting the problem, it is slightly odd that the patch will “improve” the playback rather than fix it.

Creative Assembly also say they are “working on bringing an update to fix a number of other in-game issues and will announce distribution dates as soon as possible.”

UPDATE: Creative Assembly say the juddering was caused by “a slight difference between retail units and the machines on which the game was developed and tested.”

It also appears that the patch may be causing some problems of its own, “We’re aware that some people are experiencing a problem with the new patch on PS4. We’re looking into the problem and hope to have an update shortly,” posted a member of the CA staff.

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  1. Shall be testing it tonight!

  2. Excellent, just picked this up for a good price yesterday too.

  3. Alien Isolation was brilliant, one of the best games I’ve played in ages, but the juddery cutscenes did spoil the experience a little.

    I suppose this patch is great for all those people who waited ’til it was half price (and actually finished). But what about the people who supported the game on day one and paid full price for it? I’m not one of those people who want compensation for every little thing but something like this shouldn’t have been missed.

    When did it become acceptable for developers to release unfinished (and in some cases half finished) games?

    • When XB1 and PS4 arrived. The Evil Within is utterly borked without the day one patch.

      • So true. If it isn’t broken, it’s only half finished or just plain disappointing.

      • It was earlier than that, we’ve been wingeing about day one patches for yeeears. Propaganda means we now get upset when there isn’t one and the game is broken, rather than being upset about the game being released broken in the first place.

  4. @JR I agree it is a brilliant. I loved it, the juddery cutscenes didn’t bother me at all but glad it is patched! As for us who supported the day one and paid the full price is on us really. Nothing we can do but at least support the Devs for the next project. That is what reviews are for. Assassin’s Creed reviews are out and has negatives about framerate issues. And now you can decide to either get it day one or wait for a patch just like Alien Isolation. Nothing we can do really and yes it is unfair but that is what is happening these days. Don’t forget they have a deadline to make aswell. It does socks when hearing the Devs saying they didn’t have enough time to fix Assassin’s Creed from the other article.

    • Socks!!!! Stupid autocorrect xD
      I hope we who supported day one and the next project will not get the same mistake but sadly I don’t think it will be sorted. There will always be a day one patch even on launch!

      • I think it’s the norm now. Developers/publishers think it’s ok to release glitchy games because they know they can just patch it up at a later date.

        Build up enough hype and people will still run out on release day and buy it regardless. And they know it.

        But it seems to be happening a little too often now and it’s changing the way I feel about new releases. Why pay full price on day one when you can wait a few months and pay less for the finished product? It’s not like there’s a shortage of games to play.

        I’m all for supporting developers but it has to go both ways.

      • I agree! Been thinking of stopping Day 1 releases as I used to on PS3 but PS4 that will change now, although I am a sucker with special/limited edition games lol

  5. Traded this in for Call of Duty as I was too impatient waiting for this patch. Could not play the game with that bad of a frame rate and cutscenes. All the tension of the game was lost, which is not on for an Alien game. Will have to pick it up in a few months time when the price is heavily reduced.

    • Annoyingly paid £47 for the game on release day too. The constant releases of unfinished games is too damn high. Driveclub, this, and possible Assassin’s Creed. Gamers have the right to be pissed off.

  6. It’s not just the cutscenes though that are borked…there are numerous gamebreaking bugs in the game that ave not been patched yet…the game is an utter mess…seems there will be another patch to address these bugs but this patch has been released because “we” think the game is unplayable…CA seem to think it was just fine.

    The reason why the issue existed is because they admit they use different dev units to develop ans test on rather than consumer units…

  7. Head over to the forums folks and register and then post…this new patch butchers your save with the only fix to reinitialise your PS4…this defies belief…oh wait…I’ve been there…

  8. Luxury! I’m ancient enough to remember the days when games were coded in bedrooms and you’d sometimes buy what looked like an amazing prospect in the advert only to find your deep immersion ruined by a sudden “GOTO ERROR AT LINE 1020”. I have vivid memories of swearing at lines of BASIC as I tried to fix the code myself.

    In any event, compared with Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Halo MCC, Alien: Isolation actually ran pretty well (on my PS4), cutscenes aside, even before the patch. And it has to be one of the best licensed games I’ve played in, ooh, nearly 40 years of gaming. Absolutely nailed the Alien atmosphere.

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