Destiny To Briefly Go Offline On November 13th To Prepare For Future Updates

Word out of of Bungie today is that they’ll be taking Destiny offline later this week to begin formal preparations for some of the content updates they plan to roll out later this year. According to them, this is a planned outage and they’re hoping to have it all wrapped up and service back online in about four hours. Here’s the official time frame they gave on their blog:

The maintenance window begins around 8AM Pacific.
We’ll be done by (or shortly after) Noon, if all goes according to plan.

I’m terrible with time zones but I’m pretty sure that puts the offline window at 4-8pm in the UK. Interesting they chose that time to do maintenance rather than a little earlier in the day but at least it occurs on a Thursday rather than Friday. Hopefully very few of you will be affected by this outage, and if you want to know a little more about what they’re preparing for, check out our post from yesterday regarding the details they’ve released so far.

Source: Bungie



  1. People still play this? I never trade in games, I like to keep all my games in case I fancy revisiting it again, I traded this in and don’t miss it.

    Wasted potential.

    • Yes, lots and lots of people.

      • Shouldn’t be surprised. Lots and lots of people watch Twilight.

      • Yeah, but people who watch Twilight have no taste.

        At least Destiny provides entertainment.

      • Didn’t provide me any tbh. I’m playing the Master Chief Collection atm. It’s a shame to see Bungie go from creating the most iconic gaming series of all time and then Destiny. I blame Activision, content has clearly been cut, the story has been cut. Waybuloo the initial reveal of Destiny and Bungie talking about it and showing what’s possible in the game, all of that is gone. The story trailer they shown 2 years ago, well none of that is in the game.

      • …& that is why I don’t listen to hype or watch trailers long before something is likely to come out. Not a criticism on those who do like to get built up on hype or watch something progress of course, but there have been many many examples where the final product did not meet the initial expectations laid down by the publisher/developer.

        I tend to find that my experience is always better if I go in with no expectations & more enjoyment is to be had as you are taking the package as it was released.

        I look at it this way – I spent around £40 on it & have pumped hours & hours into it now, so I have definitely got my ROI. Am still enjoying the available content too, so I am happy with it as is for the moment. Helps that I actually enjoy the Crucible though I suppose as without that it may have been a different situation.

        Don’t get me wrong, the story definitely sucked & didn’t really explain anything or go anywhere, but for me it was more of an introduction to the gameplay & enemies I would be looking at come end game.

        The DLC certainly won’t be purchased for £20 though. They are having a laugh with that.

      • I didn’t go in on hype, I went in on proven track record pal. Halo is one of favourite game series ever, I just expected more.

        The DLC price is Activision all over lol.

    • I played the beta, so I knew exactly what to expect from the final release. I was not, and am not disappointed. Still log in every day.

      I would never argue that its a flawless game. But the gunplay is just too good. they got the fabled “30 second loop” just right.

      On top of this, it’s the people I play with as much as the game itself that keeps us coming back. Just wish there was more 6 player PvE content available

      (As an aside. Starting a raid with a team of 6, then just buggering off around Venus is a lot of fun!)

      • I agree with this. While the game isn’t perfect, the story is a bit naff and the load times are slightly excessive, the core gameplay is brilliant. The gunplay is extremely satisfying, the locales are varied and the multiplayer aspects are well balanced. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it a few weeks ago!

      • Technically the game is great, it feels like Halo. Content wise, the game is hollow, it has no soul.

        Good game mechanics isn’t enough. Halo has more content and it isn’t even considered a mmo.

      • Halo also isn’t on PlayStation. ;)

      • I have a Xbox One as well. My point is for a company that redefined the fps genre they’ve let themselves down.

      • Yeah, I had guessed as much – My point being that most people here won’t necessarily.

        & it’s fine you are disappointed with it, that’s your prerogative. However, many many people are actually content with what they got from it & continue to get from it. So really what it comes down to is that they have let themselves down in your eyes. Which again is fine, but you can’t expect everyone to feel the same way.

  2. Great game. Still playing it, looking forward to expansion.

  3. Yup, still playing it, along with millions of others. Its all about the community see. The Vault of Glass is up there will my all time favourite gaming moments.

    • Agreed. The raid is excellent, something truly innovative in the FPS genre.

      I have to concede to a bit of Destiny fatigue though. I have one of each class, all level 20+, all with full exotic / legendary gear… The only way I can get any progression is through raiding (raid gear and upgrade mats) so I’ve got no real reason to play any of the other game modes.

      Roll on the expansion.

      • Agreed, I’m not at that point yet but not far off. Can’t wait to try the new content.

  4. No problem for me, Thursday is my wife’s night to have the TV. I usually crack out my Vita/3DS on those nights.

  5. This is actually quite good news for me – Even though it means that I likely won’t get to play it that day (depending on the actual GMT timeslot & whether there are any hiccups of course), it might actually drive me to play something else for a change!

  6. What’s the odds psn goes down when Destiny is back up?

    • They’ll probably decide that Thursday is maintenance day! :)

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