Matchmaking Updates For Halo: The Master Chief Collection Are Live

It’s been a bit of a rough go for the launch of the Halo collection staring everyone’s favorite space marine, with a massive day one patch and an abundance of matchmaking problems standing in the way of Halo fans everywhere when they attempted to hop online for some competitive play.

Alas, those issues are being addressed with multiple updates on the server side to decrease errors and long delays for those waiting to be paired with other players. The first of these updates was rolled out yesterday morning, and while 343 said they noticed an increase in matchmaking quality, they weren’t quite done yet. Another patch slated for the middle of the night in the UK was hindered slightly by an Xbox Live Live service issue, but it’s out now and is said to go a long way towards rectifying the issues players have noticed.

It sucks seeing problems like this at launch but it seems like just about every game has them in some form or another. At the very least 343 got these updates out quickly and hopefully they reduce or eliminate the hurdles standing between you and shooting other spartans in the face.

If you’re playing the Master Chief Collection right now, check in with us in the comments and let us know what the multiplayer is like, and whether you’ve seen any improvements in the past 24 hours.

Source: Halo Waypoint



  1. Nope. Nothing. Nothing has changed for me.

  2. Working “ok” for me right now, though we have been making the most of “Custom Game” to get parties together.
    Kind of getting use to this with each game released on both systems since last gen. At least devs like Naughty Dog (TLoU) and 343i get it sorted quickly…..ahem Evolution!

  3. Has been ok for me. Granted I’ve mainly been playing the single player so far but the few rounds I played last night of multiplayer worked fine. Evolution take note: acknowledge the problem, give regular meaningful updates and get the problem fixed!

  4. Seemed to work alright late last night, matchmaking waits were long but with patience it did find people.

    My issue is that after a single match it boots you back in the menu and you need to do it all again. No lobbies. (or is this part of the issue and not how it’s supposed to be?)
    And there’s no quick-match for Halo 1, annoyingly enough. Not that I can find at least.

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