Community Chronicle: 16/11/14

It’s been perhaps the biggest week of the year in terms of video game releases, but it’s hardly been smooth sailing. So it’s time to break out a classic motivational technique, to try and gee up the games industry which has been having far too many problems over the past few months. That’s right, it’s time for the s*** sandwich, a veritable delight of bread and, uh, bad news.


So first a little good news, with Microsoft reporting that they’ve almost shipped 10 million consoles to retailers, as well as seeing their sales triple in the US over the last fortnight and led current gen console sales, following a price drop. It’ll make November’s NPD charts very interesting reading.

“Looks like sales are finally picking up,” wrote Starman. “Lots of great games out on it now and some cool OS & app features that work really well.”

Scythegpd was a little more pessimistic, saying, “Not surprising considering they’re finally releasing some exclusives.”

Davs also popped his head round the door to say, “This doesn’t stop the shipped vs. sold argument being a perfectly valid one though – but that’s now what bugs me this time… it’s that this number isn’t even applicable yet, it’s ‘shortly’. Ugh – silly people using meaningless statistics drives me up the wall!”

So it’s certainly good news for Microsoft, but there’s definitely an element of papering over the cracks to try and look good up against Sony’s astonishing first year of sales.

But now it’s time for the squidgy brown filling – and no, it’s not Nutella. Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s release was marred by a myriad of bugs, game world pop in and poor frame rate. Ubisoft, to their credit, have reacted strongly to these issues, setting up a live update blog to track issues and how they’re being addressed.

3shirts, sticking with our little theme, wrote, “Jesus wept. That third glitch picture is horrendous. If that happened while I was playing I would definitely poo myself.”

JR. meanwhile, has been burnt a few too many times in the past:

When have Ubisoft ever released a game that wasn’t full of glitches? Ac4 was probably the least glitchy, but it still had them.

It’s always safer to wait a few months before buying a Ubisoft game. It’s cheaper and they’ve had time to actually finish it with a patch.

Sick of paying Ubisoft to test their unfinished games.

This kind of news and troubled release invariably has this kind of backlash, and thankfully it came at such a time for UK players to rethink their plans for the game. Duke found himself in just this situation, as he said, “Well, after reading this article and the other one, with the review score round-up, I’ve cancelled my order. I’ll look forward to Far Cry 4 instead. Although saying that, FC4 is another Ubisoft game. Which doesn’t fill me with much confidence, what with their current track record.”

Don’t worry, Duke. Far Cry 4 seems to be a much more accomplished and, dare I say, finished game.

Sometimes it’s best to just look to the future, when the present isn’t turning out quite how you’d expected, this week saw the announcement of Just Cause 3, a sequel to the much-loved carnage simulator.

After tidying himself up a little, 3shirts let himself get rather excited:


Just Cause 2 is one of my all time favourite games. It was like a typical, over the top, kick-ass, cheesy 80s action movie. Tethering chasing jeeps to aeroplanes never got old.

Very excited about this one.

Ico echoed these sentiments when he wrote, “Based on what Avalanche could do with the PS3 and 360, colour me very excited in what next gen has to offer! Just Cause 2 was unashamedly naff but it was like the best playground for fans of 80s action movies. Yes, the story was pants, characterisation awful (bordering on racist / xenophobic) and the voice acting? Don’t get me started. But. It. Was. Bloody. Good. Fun!”

You’d best temper your excitement just a little though, as Avalanche explained that the game wouldn’t feature multiplayer. Kennykazey observed, “No multiplayer is kind of surprising after the successful online mod of the second game. It even got onto Steam!”

Yet, scavenga figured that this was all good news, with which we’ll wrap up this week’s Hot Topics:

That’s all good news to me. A new Just Cause, without stupid schemes, and the developer’s full attention directed towards the single player campaign?

Bliss! :D


It might have been out for a little while now, with a whole host of newer games finding their way into people’s hands since, but a fair few of you have continued playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, which is surely a testament to that game’s appeal.

Jim‘s carried on playing the game since his review, and managed to bag the platinum trophy for the game, as has Crazy_Del. Bunimomike has been playing on PC, meaning he misses out on the satisfying pling of trophies, but feels like he’s picked all of the gaming goodness of its bones before he moved on to other games.

With a much shorter campaign and the focus naturally being on multiplayer, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has also had a fair bit of attention. Eldave0 blitzed through the campaign, but didn’t feel the changes were big enough to keep him playing, so he quickly traded it in for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Lyts1985, meanwhile, ploughed through to the platinum trophy, but didn’t really like the ending and found the co-op boring – my two main complaints in my review.

Elsewhere, blast71 has been working his way through a few older games, finishing Bulletstorm this past week, while Alan “element666” Mint completed Destiny’s Vault of Glass for the second time and has been getting close to the Minecraft platinum on PS3, just needing to kill the Enderdragon. R1MJAW took a break from Diablo 3 and quickly grabbed 100% of the trophies for Tennis in the Face.

Alas, a inferior race’s laptop has died and gone up to poorly made electronics heaven. So there’s no trophy leaderboard update this week, and we’ll have to keep our fingers and toes crossed that he might get a replacement or be able to resurrect his broken machine soon.

So we’re left with the usual submission form below, and I bid you all farewell until next week.

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