Discount Code Option Added To PSN Web Store

For quite a while digital pricing of games has seemed to be quite high, often priced more than a physical copy. If you’ve wanted to get a game digitally on your console cheaper you usually have to wait for a sale or special promotion to launch. However, it appears Sony has added a new feature to the Sony Entertainment Network website, with this new option allowing you to apply 10 digit discount codes. It’s not quite clear how those codes are distributed or how to get them, but I could imagine Sony or publishers revealing them over various channels. I’ve taken a screenshot of the new look checkout page which you can see below.



It’s likely we’ll get more information from Sony soon regarding discount codes, but it is a step in the right direction and adds a bit more flexibility to the store. The discount option does only appear to be on the web store for now as I can’t see any indication of discount codes on the PS4 storefront.

Source: SEN via GAF



  1. I’ve never bought a digital download of a game that’s also available on disc because of the price so anything that can make them cheaper is welcome.

  2. I hope to see a lot more of this. On average, we’re getting ripped off with digitally delivered games (as oppose to their disc-based counterparts). Also, we’re getting ripped off that bit more in the UK compared to most other countries. :-(

  3. You would think digital games would be cheaper, you know with the packaging freeness but nope apparently no one cares for the environment

  4. The whole store pricing has always been a bit obscure.Sony still want £50 for games that you can buy for less than £20 not always the case but I think the store pricing seriously needs addressing..

  5. They can’t be any more competitive on digital pricing as that would hit the game retail industry massively, potentially shutting down companies which offer trade in, and therefore some people would be able to buy less new games.

    This may be offset by people bot being able to buy second hand at all, but it’s quite a huge thing to do.

  6. My understanding is that the Store prices are high (for the UK) as the games are priced for the whole of Europe. Therefore, this could be a great way to localise pricing for the UK, and other countries in the EU, individually. We could get codes to reduce games to compete with highstreet prices….although I doubt this will happen.

    • In that, the codes only work for people in that country, not the whole of Europe.

  7. Maybe if a retailer has for example an EA games sale then you can enter a digital code and get that game for a discount on PSN. Probably the retailer gets a cut. Which is cool for them, a owner of a physical shop to get money from digital sales.

  8. Maybe this will be the new upgrade option. 50% off when going from ps3 to PS4? Or from disc to digital.

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