EA Decides Not To Release Dragon Age: Inquisition In India Due To Obscenity Laws

Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the biggest releases of the year, and I’ll be picking my copy up in the near future. However, if you reside in India then you won’t be able to get the game, at least not through standard channels, as EA has taken the decision to not release Dragon Age: Inquisition as it clashes with local obscenity laws. Which part of the law precisely hasn’t been made clear, but much of the speculation points towards the inclusion of homosexual characters within the title.

The legal aspect of homosexuality within India has been challenged in recent history, with the Dehli High Court stating in 2009 that it was unconstitutional for gay and lesbian people to be punished by law, but in 2013 India’s Supreme Court overruled that decision making homosexuality a crime. It’s not ideal but it isn’t too surprising either due to how conservative much of India and the various cultures are in the nation.


While this a law many don’t agree with EA can’t risk distributing something that could get the company in trouble with the Indian legal system. Maybe the two will be able to find some kind of workaround, though that would likely only work if major characters were changed or removed, something I don’t see EA & BioWare doing. I also don’t see India changing a law to accommodate a game anytime soon.

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  1. i suppose russia’s out too then.

    i don’t know if i’d call india conservative, backwards would seem more appropriate to me.

    when people ask why do gay people have their own groups or conventions, i like to remind them that there are still countries where you can be imprisoned, or even executed, in some especially backwards regions.

    no, i don’t see them changing the laws for the sake of a game, and sadly, i don’t see india changing it’s laws on human rights grounds any time soon either.

    • It’s not illegal to be homosexual in Russia but it is illegal to distribute homosexual propaganda.Interesting point to raise as i do wonder just what Dragon Age would be considered to be over there.

      • the trouble is, their idea of homosexual propaganda seems to be anything that treats gay people as human.
        or in the case of Dragon Age, whatever races you can play as.

        maybe that’s how they’ll get around it, by saying some of the characters aren’t human so it doesn’t count.

        but no, it’s not technically illegal to be gay in russia, it’s just very dangerous, between the virtual dictatorship and the roaming bands of bigots attacking gay and trans people, russia is not a good place to be gay.

        still, it’s not as bad as some countries, i think nigeria has the death penalty for homosexuality, as well as much of the middle east.
        but then human rights barely exist in many of those countries anyway.
        like the virtual slave labour force qatar is using to build the world cup stadiums.
        but the joke that is fifa is a whole other story.

        not the game, the association i mean.

  2. Importing is hopefully easy then.

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