Criminal Girls Coming To Vita Next February

NIS America has announced that Criminal Girls: Invite Only will be launching in EU territories on February 6th, 2015. Launching three days earlier in the United States, Invite Only is a remastered version of the original Criminal Girls which launched on the PSP back in 2010.

It’s yet another quirky Japanese import and, as the name suggests, is focused around seven girls paying for their crimes. Condemned to an eternity in Hell, it’s up to the player to guide them back on the path of redemption and have them realise their own individual talents.


From afar it looks like your conventional dungeon-trawling JRPG though Criminal Girls has a few tricks up its sleeve. Each one of its cutesy convicts has their own skills, personalities, and desires, which ultimately impact the game flow, meaning that players won’t be in complete control. Bonds can also be formed with each of the girls as you talk to them one-on-one and engage in a series of mini-games.

NIS America has stated that certain parts of the game have been “edited” for western audiences. These are likely to be the so-called “Punish Time” segments which have players interact with semi-nude portraits of the seven girls, as seen here.

Invite Only has also been fully localised in English and features new playable characters. It is currently slated for release exclusively on PlayStation Vita though NIS America assure us the game is fully compatible with PlayStation TV.

Source: Press Release



  1. The tabloid’s would have a field day if they saw what goes on in some of these Japanese games!

    • Ah, it’s lovely to know that the virginal gamer spans all parts of the twin, peachy, heaving globes. Sorry, I meant globe. :-)

  2. i just can’t see myself playing a game where you have to grope children.

    the game looks like it would be interesting other than that.

    but the fact it features a gameplay mechanic that borders on child molestation, it’s just, and pardon my french here, pretty fucked up.

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