Watch Us Play The Crew Open Beta

Thanks for tuning in, everyone, and watching myself and Peter messing about in The Crew. If you missed the stream, you can check out the archived video below, and we’ll try and do a little more streaming from later in the game once it’s been released next week.

In light of Ubisoft’s recent statement about how reviews will have to wait until the game’s actual release, anyone who’s even vaguely interested in buying the game really ought to be grabbing the open beta that’s running until Friday morning. You’ll be able to sample a few cars, some early missions and generally tool around in the game’s rendition of the USA.

Then again, maybe you’re lazy and want to kill a little time during your lunch break? In which case, just hit play below or catch us on Twitch itself, and you can watch Peter and me tackling a few of the races in co-op. We’ll also be back to stream the final game at launch, alongside impressions and our review as soon as we feel able to do so.



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  1. didn’t realise the graphics were that poor, unless my eyes deceive me

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