PSN’s 12 Deals Of Christmas: Day One

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s December, which means we’re officially on the countdown to Christmas – Family, Friends, Presents, Mince Pies… and of course, a bit of guilt free gaming.

To coincide with the festive frivolities Sony have once again rolled out their annual 12 Deals Of Christmas which sees a new discount go live on the PSN store every two days between now and Chrimbo Eve.


We’re promised “great savings” on a selection of PS4, PS3 & Vita titles, so there’s likely something for everyone in Jolly Ol’ Saint SCEE’s sack this year.

Without further ado, onto the savings:

The Last of Us Remastered (PS4)
Was €44.99/£39.99/AU$62.95, now €24.99/£19.99/AU$37.95
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

F1 2014 (PS3)
Was €54.99/£39.99/AU$79.95, now €19.99/£15.99/AU$24.95

Dynasty Warriors Next (PS Vita)
Was €34.99/£29.99/AU$47.95, now €14.99/£11.99/AU$22.95
Additional 20% discount for PS Plus members

With Black Friday madness and discounts on physical copies online over the last couple of days, I personally don’t see anything that tempting amongst this batch on day one, but I’ll be sure to check back on Wednesday to see what’s under Sony’s tree on day two, as previous years have shown us some great savings!



  1. Jumped at the chance of getting TLOU for £12 (already had £6 in my PSN wallet)…since the MP is so good (and apparently new Factions content is getting announced at that PlayStation Experience thingy), I can always have a quick go more easily. Sounds incredibly lazy – £12 not to change a disc – but then I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday so it’s totally justified, almost.

    I hope all the other offers are shit, otherwise I’m going to be skint very soon.

    • “Sounds incredibly lazy – £12 not to change a disc”
      I’m with you on this. The only reason I haven’t booted TLOU multiplayer up lately is because I can’t be bothered to swap discs. I’m almost tempted to give my physical copy away to a mate who hasn’t played it & buy the digital version.

      • Exactly, it is lazy, but it happens. But (as you say) it’s useful as when I mate comes over who hasn’t go it we can still play – I can use digital and them the disc. Although, any of my friends that don’t already have their own copy of TLOU will immediately be greeted with a slap, and asked to leave.

  2. Tempted by TLOU, but had a crazy expensive weekend (like £500!). Decisions…..

  3. I would have gone for F1 2014 for £20 if it wasn’t for the imminent release of The Crew.

    • Were in you in the beta? I was, not good. Awful physics, boring story. I know it was only a beta but I can’t imagine it changing that much before release.

      • I’d just play F1 2013, if I was you. 14 adds literally nothing.

    • I caved and purchase F1 2014. Cheap enough for a punt.

  4. Father Christmas has assured me that there’ll be a PS4 to unwrap on Christmas morning so I’ve taken the liberty of purchasing The Last of Us. Especially as I’ve not played Left Behind (DLC) yet (on PS3 or PS4).

    • You’re in for a very merry christmas!

    • Doesn’t the whole Santa Claus fantasy usually happen the other way round? But hey, if Hanny’s happy to dress up… :P

      • Why can’t I have a “special delivery” just once this year, eh?

        *adds extra soft cushion to the Pressies List*. :-)

  5. I dunno, TLOU for £18 is a good choice for anyone who doesn’t already have it.

  6. Come on Sony. I am trying to be good here! I resisted TLoU since I played it a lot last gen, then you come along and drop the price so low it’s rude not to buy it.

  7. I couldn’t resist, I am weak.

    I have played already TLOU in PS3 but for £18 I will have a look at the remastered edition.

    11 deals to go… poor me!

  8. Argh, I always forget this is going to happen! In so so tempted by The Last Of Us, I think I’m gonna take a gamble on it coming back on the last day of the offer and hold off for now.

    • I’d put money on it being January’s PS+ game!

      • Doubt it as Infamous first light has been confirmed for January

      • Ok, Feb, but you know what I mean anyway. It’s exactly the kind of game that they put in Plus and that’s why the cheeky bastards are trying for a few extra sales now!

      • I really hope they don’t put it on plus – That’ll be one game I definitely won’t download!

      • Yes, you are right I seem to remember something like that happened before

  9. Tempted by the TLoU deal if I use that 2 week Plus trial everyone gets…
    How long will these deals be available for? Will it be like Steam where it changes every day or will they remain for the whole 12 days?

    • New one every two days

      • Ok thanks, got a bit of time to mull it over then.
        Might see if I can try it on Share Play from someone to see how I find it as there’s no demo.

    • Get yourself on Plus if you’re not already mate, honestly it’ll make your PS4 experience quite different :) And I’ve spotted Amazon doing TLoU for £25, seems very good for a physical copy, which I’d prefer!

      • Plus doesn’t seem worth it right now just to play the 1 game I have online, I think I need something more to justify spending 35 quid on it, which in effect could be another game.

        Good point with the physical copy too, might be better if it’s a big is the download to save my bandwidth and HDD space!

      • The download size is around 40GB I think, so yeah a sellable disc version might be more preferable.

      • well it won’t save on hard drive space, not on the PS4 version.

        it will save your bandwidth though, and if you do have to uninstall, it will be much quicker to reinstall.

      • 40GB? Probably won’t bother then until I can get the disk for £20, or perhaps wait for it to arrive on PS+ as said above

  10. Was tempted to buy the last of us over the weekend as I’ve still not got round to playing it, so I’m glad I held off.

    Downloading it now.

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