Threes! Creator Asher Vollmer Announces Close Castles Coming To PS4

A new strategy game is coming to PlayStation 4 in the form of Asher Vollmer’s Close Castles. That’s the same Asher who released ‘Threes!’ on mobile. Close Castles will be another minimalist title, that will focus on local multiplayer as you battle with friends to take down their land and castles. In fact rounds are designed to be over and done with quickly, with games on the fastest setting finishing roughly three minutes.



In this small RTS you’ll have to build up your village and defences quickly, while trying to stop your enemies from destroying your castle. As mentioned it is a local multiplayer only title, but I could see people playing this online via Share Play too, to kill time anyone. There’s no announcement on when in 2015 Close Castles will release, so keep an eye out for updates on that which we’ll provide.

Source: PS Blog