WeView Verdict: inFamous: First Light

With inFamous: First Light coming to PlayStation Plus very soon you can easily guess its overall verdict. Not everyone that commented had played First Light, instead stating their reason why they hadn’t yet picked it up. Those that did play it, however, seemed to enjoy Fetch’s journey more than Delsin’s.

For JR It was difficult to top the “crazy, unrestrained fun” of the first two infamous games, and sadly for them “Second Son and to a lesser extent First Light, felt too orchestrated and overcooked”. It’s not all doom and gloom though as JR did add “they’re actually very well made, beautiful looking games”.

Slightly more positive towards First Light was Hazelam who said they’d “like to see Abigail (Fetch) get a full game of her own” however unlikely. She said Fetch “can certainly get about quicker than Delsin” and “makes better use of the neon powers than Delsin does”. The only downside to First Light for Hazelam was the games length; “it’s short, really short”.

Echoing Hazelam’s opinion was 3shirts who “felt Fetch was a more interesting character than Delsin”. They also thought “the neon power was the best” of Second Son so were happy to “see some more development of both”. Despite being “quite short” the “story is rich and interesting” and “arena mode is a good extension”.

Element666 was the only other contributor to have played First Light and they “thoroughly enjoyed it”, and “although with it coming to plus” they ”don’t regret purchasing it at all”.

Of those that hadn’t played First Light a few were slightly on the fence about it. Kjkg found themselves “slightly sceptical because out of the 4 powers” they “thought Neon was the worst”. ReptOn was another in a similar situation. Although “jumped on board all of the series so far”, Fetch didn’t interest them enough to warrant a purchase.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Plus It came out top in the votes this week, with three votes. There was one for Buy It, and I was half expecting a vote for Fetch it. First Light will be making an appearance in the PlayStation Plus line up in January, so make sure to give the game a go then, there is no excuse if it’s free. Those who have enjoyed Second Son should love First Light too, and for those still not sold on the new direction you can expect a more interesting story with Fetch as the protagonist.

We will be taking a look at Velocity 2X tomorrow. Replacing it in the poll are Destiny and Flockers.



  1. I’m not really keen on prequels as we already know what happens, it’s just a matter of filling in the gaps most of the time. It does look like a lot of fun despite that though, I’ll definitely give it a good go.

  2. I’ll pick the main game (and this) up in the New Year, I reckon. However, over Christmas, I’ll probably be hammering LBP3 and GTA V. :-)

  3. Good to know that it’s worth getting for free :) I’ve not played Second Son so this will hopefully be a nice filler in the new year, having had a look at the trophy guide it’ll at least be an amusing challenge.

  4. I’ll definitely give this a go. Might even boot Second Son back up this week as I haven’t played it for ages. I’m sure I’ve only got 2 simple trophies left to get the platinum but I just couldn’t be bothered. In fact I haven’t got any platinums on the PSN account I use nowadays. Wish you could merge to accounts.

  5. Lovely stuff, i really enjoyed Second Son and i’m looking forward to playing this too.

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