Refract Studios Announces Survival Racer Distance Coming To PS4 In 2015

Refract Studios has announced that it is bringing its survival racer, ‘Distance’, to PS4 in 2015. The game is set to release on Steam’s Early Access program next week. In Distance you must race from point A to B, but don’t have to follow a set track. Instead the world is more open than that and you can find your own path to the finish, so you can split away from the rest of the pack.


Distance will feature both online mulitplayer and local splitscreen, as well as a variety of single player modes. These include challenge, survival, and adventure portions to tackle. The car itself can do more than just speed along, as it can jump, do barrel roles, and even glide. There’s a few multiplayer modes outside a straight race, including a Reverse Tag where the player who is marked needs to stay away from other players.

The game looks like a mix of WipEout and Tron, and hopefully it will be an interesting new racer to play.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Sounds / looks intriguing.

  2. Looks interesting, I like the inclusion of splitscreen!

  3. Interesting, reminds me of Motorhead mixed with Sonic Racing Transformed… mixed with Tron.

  4. Looks like Trackmania Tron! Have to say i’m very interested in this. Done well it could be a great game.

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