What We Played #183: The Crew, Grand Theft Auto V & Dragon Age

Kicking off this week’s playlist we have Dan who, after reviewing Bound By Flame back in May, decided to give it another shot. “It’s really not a bad game at all,” he says, praising the combat and simplistic progression systems. After swapping out the conventional sword for a brace of daggers, he’s enjoying the faster paced melee battles and now, having finished the game, is diving straight back in. This time with axes and war-hammers. Other than that, he’s been playing FIFA 15 and Thomas Was Alone (again) as well as The Crew:

I’ll admit I wasn’t that impressed with the beta but the full game has got me hooked. It’s like Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed 2 mixed into one game. The story is very predictable and cliche for the type of game it is but it’s still interesting enough. The world is absolutely huge too. Don’t think I’ve played a game with such a big in-game map. Driving in the same direction for half an hour gets you no where.

What’s more the loading times are short, there’s no late pop-ins and it looks wonderful, and you’ve also got some mini driving games to stop you getting bored on long drives. Really impressive stuff. The driving takes a lot of getting used to. It’s sluggish at first but after a while it will feel natural. Looking forward to exploring the map more as I’ve literally just touched the surface.

Joining him in his race tour from coast to coast is Aran, who has also had a chance to play Ubisoft’s massively multiplayer online racer, noting that the car handling has improved since the beta. Aside from that, he’s also been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition which he much prefers over the series’ divisive second offering. Still, he’s a long way off killing a dragon, admitting that even one of their offspring would be enough to fell his entire party.

For me, Dragon Age: Inquisition has been placed on the back burner. As much as I really enjoy the game, my temptation to bag all of the trophies has left me at a crossroads. My dilemma is that I’m already fifteen hours into my current playthrough but, if I wanted to bag that coveted platinum trophy, I would need to beat the game on its hardest difficulty. Whether I go back and start afresh or carry on is a choice I’ll no doubt have to make soon.

Over the past couple of months I’ve found myself being taken under Nintendo’s spell. Traditionally, I’ve always flitted between my computer and PlayStation consoles while also making allowances for handhelds. At my new uni house, ignoring Nintendo, and more specifically the Wii U, is no longer an option. Though I’ve hardly been thrilled by Super Mario 3D World, both Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 have absorbed a staggering amount of free time. A few more exclusives under the belt and I may well buy a Wii U myself in near future.

Dom has also been playing Smash Bros., taking things that one step further with the Wii U GameCube adapter.

I’ve also tinkered with One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Never Alone, New Super Mario Bros. U and Rayman Legends, with the platformers currently being my three year-old son’s games of choice. I can’t say it’s upsetting me to play them either, as they’re all fantastic games!

With TSA’s Game of the Year voting under way, Blair has been playing through potential candidates in the indie category:

The one which really caught my eye was Transistor. My, what a beautiful game, and that almost turn-based, programming-esque battle system is brilliant. It’s got a really lovely soundtrack too.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141129005812

Grand Theft Auto V has also been eating up his free time. Despite initially being put off by the remaster’s first person mode, he’s found another use for it, snapping pictures while using the Skyfall cheat around Los Santos.

Finally, we have Peter, who is still chipping away at massive space sim, Elite Dangerous. With the game shifting towards release, he’s been forced to restart though contests that game is refreshing enough to warrant all of that (re)grinding.



  1. Getting nicely stuck in to Far Cry 4 and it’s great. Think I’ve played about 4 hours? Barely scratched the surface.

    Went to Brick 2014 at ExCel last weekend and met Arthur Parsons from TT games who was showing off Batman 3 (and all the other Lego games). He signed a copy of Lego Hobbit for me, so got that to play at some point too!

    • I went to Brick 2014 too. Didn’t meet Arthur Parsons but did spend a ridiculous amount of time with my lad building Minecraft lego for the world record. Fantastic event and day.
      Other than that,mostly more Dragon Age, with a bit of Injustice and Secret Ponchos thrown in. Not impressed with either

    • We went to Brick too, on the Thursday. There was very little on display and half of what was about was very disappointing, apparently it was better Friday onwards. Total waste of money, at least we had a nicer afternoon at the Natural History Museum, anyone seen that petrified tree stump? Amazables!

      • We went on Sunday. Had a great time. My boy is nearly two, so still a bit young really. Did you see the stop motion Back to the Future demonstration?

      • Nooo that wasn’t there, sounds good though! We just had a chance day off in the week and an offer of a free ticket, sounds like the weekend was the time to go, maybe I won’t write the even off just yet.

  2. I’ll start with my 2 platinums again I’ve got Sly 1 twice (Ps3 and Vita). Nice and easy sorry platinums. I’ve also played GTA V, Thomas was alone and Far cry 4 which I enjoy. I’ve also tried the Ps+ games, I find Hitman trilogy a bit too dated and annoying IMHO. Injustice is OK speedy from the wobbly framerate, I’ve not got a match on Secret poncho’s to even give that my vote. Titan attacks is pretty much a Space invaders rip off. The other Vita game I haven’t started yet.

  3. I’ve played the first hour or so of Never Alone and it’s quite charming and i was going to say that the puzzling is a bit light – but i’m actually stuck on one section now.
    Other than that Terraria and GTA V have taken most of my game time this week.

  4. I’ve warmed to Far Cry 4’s solo campaign a bit more, managing to vary the gameplay by varying my mission selection to avoid repetition avoid repetition. I think (particularly for a FPS where stories are usually a bit pony) it’s story is rather good, and some of the voice acting and characters are good – at the very least it’s more engaging than most FPS!

    A little bit of the weekly Red Dead Redemption with gazzagb and Avengerrr.

    Since the last WWP (although it was mentioned in the Chronicle, I finally platinumed FIFA 15, would have done it weeks ago were it not for the wank-fest trophy Extra Effort. I still occasionally remind myself that I got it, and I smile. It annoyed me so much.

    Also, played a bit of Minecraft on Vita and some GTA5, messing about online with my neighbour, trying to rob a couple of stores and make it to an airport for the perfect getaway. Failed everytime.

  5. I have been a few months away from home so I have lots of catch up to do. I have been playing Diablo III on PS4 this week. Loving it.

  6. Bit of Smash Bros U for me this week. Still can’t quite find a control scheme I’m comfortable with but the actual game seems pretty great and I’m looking forward to multiplayer over xmas.

  7. Played a bit of Secret Poncho’s the other night. In 3 matches I got 1 kill and about 25 deaths.
    My thumb was hovering over the ‘Delete’ button as I can’t decide whether the game is shite or it just seems shite because I was so shite.

  8. Mainly LittleBigPlanet 3 for me this week.
    Aside from that I’ve been flitting between Far Cry 4, Binding of Isaac, Driveclub and trying out Injustice (which is OK but I can’t see me playing it very much).
    I’ve also been playing a lot of Home Run Contest in Smash Bros. but I’m disappointed they left out Break the Targets (Target Blast just isn’t as interesting) and I really wish they’d bring back Board the Platforms from Smash Bros. 64.

    • Just a small update. Thanks to Pixel_nme’s help I just got the LBP3 platinum.

  9. This week it’s been more far cry 4 in which I snagged the platinum!
    I’ve also played a small bit of destiny and I’ve picked up shadow of mordor cheap,so I shall start that this evening :-)

  10. I’ve been ploughing through Watch Dogs. I’m finding it a quality experience and lots of fun, the story missions are satisfying and (apart from the drinking games) the side missions are great for Vita remote play on the sofa while my wife watches Made In Chelsea! I also picked up Trials Fusion, very good so far, and I’m dipping back into Tearaway to get the platinum.

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