Enter The Gungeon Is The Debut Game From Dodge Roll, Coming To PS4

Dodge Roll Games has announced its first game, and it is a dungeon crawler called Enter The Gungeon. The game, as you may have guessed already from the name, has lots of guns in it to use against various enemies all to find the ultimate weapon. That weapon the main character is on the search for is a gun that can eradicate the past. I don’t know how it does that, maybe time travelling bullets, but that’s the treasure.


The aim is to make it to the bottom of the gungeon using the various guns available, with ammo types that include fish, bees, nails, and rainbows. The levels are procedurally generated so no two runs will be the same as you descend further into the danger zone.Dodge Roll has partnered with Devolver Digital, who have been the publisher behind games like Hotline Miami and Shadow Warrior, to bring Enter The Gungeon to PS4, PC, Mac & Linux at some point in 2015.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. Is it so hard to bring better graphics to the PS4 from these indie developers…bit sick of the blocky retro look, it was fun for a bit but its saturated now on the PS4.

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