The Next God Of War Game Is Coming, But It’s Going To Be A Long Wait

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio have confirmed the news that many have been waiting for, the God of War franchise is to return to PlayStation and the new game will not be a prequel.

However, you are going to have to be patient as the game is not ready to be revealed and we will not have any firm information for at least “the next year or two” and they game might not even star everyone’s favourite psychopath, Kratos.

Earlier this year Sony Santa Monica let go a number of staff who were working on a “reboot” of a famous title and many assumed this was God of War. If they are not ready to talk about the game for at least another year then we’re not going to see the Blades of Chaos – or whatever replaces them – until well into 2016.

As much as I like the baldy killing machine, perhaps Kratos’ story has been completed and a new God of War should arise, perhaps based in Egyptian or Norse mythology, what do you think?

Source: IGN




  1. I like the idea of a new main character in a new era. Vikings and Norse mythology would be cool

  2. I’d like to see what they could do with another mythology, but if it’s more Kratos then that would be awesome too!

    Really hope they can release GoWIII & Ascension on PS4 in the meantime!

    Would love to see Ascension redone on a more powerful system. III was nothing short of breathtaking, but Ascension’s vistas and incredible post-process effects were a different level but at the expense of very inconsistent framerate, controller response and sometimes awful judder

    To keep us going until 2016 or so, I hope they can re-do III for PS4 in the interim

  3. Norse mythology and vikings in general have seen so much exposure lately, that it’s almost approaching the zombie level. Everything is with zombies and vampires. And shiny vampires or vamps with feelings and diaries. At some point a fatigue sets in. Same goes for vikings. Vikings in big budget movies (hello Thor), viking TV shows and if it’s not real vikings let’s mask them and call them people of the North in a land called Westeros.
    Plus, we already had a good viking game at it was called Skyrim.

    I would love to see Egyptian mythology explored but I have to admit from a world design standpoint everything would be yellow, brown basically sandy. But I want to go into the pyramids and meet Horus, Seth, Ra and Isis. Maybe, my love for all of these comes from playing too much Age of Mythology as a kid. And the fact that I visited Egypt a few years ago.

    • Well, Egypt used to be a lot greener didn’t it? I suppose that may have been too long ago.

      Mayan or Aztec could be cool, or Chinese. But not as well known.

      • Yes, it was. The Nile can offer some spectacular backgrounds, not all of them have to be with pyramids and sands. First boss in GoW 1 if I remember correctly was on a ship. Plus, it shouldn’t only stick to Egypt, back then the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were a ‘stone throw away’ :p
        Lots of stories they could go into.

  4. With Cory Barlog in command, I’m very optimistic. He took part of the original vision that other Mythologies would try to take the Greeks place at the end of three. Since Kratos had demolished the opposition on Olympus.

    He’s the best possible choice for directing this franchise, let’s just hope he hasn’t lost it since the great GoW II is a rather long time ago.

    I guess we should expect remasters of the PS3 games in preparation.

  5. As long as Kratos is it, hell make him kill other mythology Gods too, him vs Thor or Loki

  6. Never got the hype for this game.

  7. I can’t work out if the studio’s output is low or high, 220 employees and we’re looking at 3-4 years since the last game, Ascension. I can only think that they started working on GOW 4 when the new IP got cancelled at the start of the year.

    And then they are collaborating on the Order, and helping with 2-3 Indie titles a year.

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