A Lot Of Work Is Still Needed Before Driveclub PlayStation Plus Is Ready

The full version of Driveclub has been patched a lot, with the latest adding the weather effects, and has brought the game pretty much up to the standard that was expected of it at launch. But one key launch promise is still missing in action, and that is the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub, a version of the game that would let all players try out a limited package of the full game. If you were expecting it out soon, then you may be disappointed.


Depending on the scale of the work needed this could still be a few months away. Of course as soon as we hear anything about the PS Plus edition of Driveclub then we’ll let you know. If you really do want to get your hands on it though then the cheapest I’ve seen it so far is on Amazon for £30, cheaper than the upgrade option on the PlayStation Store.

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  1. Not interested anymore. The cool thing about Driveclub originally was that there was a free version day one. By the time it’s ready for Plus we’ll probably be getting games like Infamous and Killzone in PS+

  2. I’d rather Sony give us another game instead at this point.

  3. I’ve only had this for about 5 days, so I missed the bulk of the probelems I think. I’m absolutely loving Driveclub!

  4. Imagine if they’d delayed the game and just released it now, now that online is more reliable, challenges are live and the weather is added

    However they didn’t, they released some half cooked garbage and its name will forever be soiled as a result

    • I half-think so, fella, but a PS+ freebie in (say around) February could do it a lot of good. It’ll be a huge injection of people trying it out and if it doesn’t trip over, a lot of that could convert to sales.

      They’re finally building the community they wanted. Just damaged to hell and back from the initial launch but it is recoverable.

      Hell, Battlefield keeps selling and look at the launch on that. :-)

      • The problem with those converted sales in, say, February, is that the game will be ~£20 at retail, rather than the £45 it was at launch. Great for us, sure, but not so much for Sony/Evolution.

        I’d fully intended to use the PS+ version as a “demo” of sorts – and that would more than likely have converted to an Xmas sale. I simply cannot fathom why there aren’t more demos available on PS4. Who’s buying £50 games blind?

      • Might be my ignorance here, but surely the amount received by Sony stays static no matter what the cost to the retailer?

      • Might be but I think it’s percentage based (like iTunes and Steam). I hope it is or they’re screwed. :-)

      • The platform royalty cost stays the same throughout a games time on sale I think, however publishers tend to lower their charges after release, as soon as a few weeks. It’s a little more confusing as SCE is the platform holder and publisher.

        I actually think that in terms of game sales, SCE has done better because of the PS+ version delay, I know more than one person who was not planning to buy the game but did so because the free version wasn’t available.

        Just to clarify, I don’t believe it was some conspiracy that they released it broken on purpose.

  5. I think Evolution studios will drag this out as long as possible because they know they’ll likely be huge layoffs sooner of later. Made themselves look very amateur throughout the whole debacle.

    • You’re probably right, I certainly don’t see there being any chance of a sequel being made.

      • I think it will all depend on if the game is profitable, and if Sony still see value in Evolution as a first party studio.

        But sadly I think they’ve done a lot of damage to themselves as a studio and to the Playstation 4 brand as it was meant to be a flagship title.

    • Can’t argue with them looking amateur, and it must be embarrassing and awkward for them.

      I wouldn’t say that the whole studio is bad though, just a few decision makers, and people responsible for netcode.

      Back to motorstorm hopefully.

  6. It’s a real shame about the connectivity issues holding back the plus version – i’m sure people must be drooling over the latest weather photos and practically teetering on the edge of just going out and buying the game.

  7. I’m kinda done with Driveclub.
    I finished the tour and reached level 40 to unlock all the cars but at this point I’m enjoying GTA way too much to go back to DriveClub. Maybe after Christmas I’ll dip back in with the new DLC and weather as well as the new players that will have come in.

  8. It’s great to know that those of us who have been waiting for the PS+ version of DC can rest easy in the knowledge that Evolution have performed a very open Beta test for the last couple of months thanks to all those people who bought the game. And there was Sony stating that that you can’t do beta testing with such large numbers of players ;-).

  9. The fact that the single player portion was excellent with plenty of longevity, they’ve added 2 more tours and severals cars in compensation and now the races are working much better and challenges are live, this is an absolute steal for around £30.

    It’s at least a 9/10 & no brainer ‘Buy’ in my books, thats whether they’ll be Plus Edition or not.

    At least 9/10 people I know who have the game think it’s bloody excellent which is a shame as half the bad review scores which I don’t think it deserved almost put me off buying it originally. And these were review scores before the online cock-up.

    People have the right to moan as the game didn’t work properly and the online section was broken but the single player campaign more than made up for it to me.

    I hope that when everything is finally sorted 100% it gets the praise it deserves.

  10. Its a shame because Evolution are a good studio and the work they did for 4 of the 5 Motorstorm games was excellent bar Apocalypse which nearly crippled them. I can’t comment as I am still waiting on the PS+ version but games that ship in a half baked state is becoming uncomfortably common.

    This year:

    AC Unity
    Watch Dogs
    The Crew
    Alien Isolation
    BF4 continuation

    Here is one for TSA’ers-name the latest released game you have played that has not had an update file released to fix problems?

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