Non DLC Owners Of Destiny Can’t Access Weekly Or Nightfall Strikes This Week

Today marks the launch of Destiny’s first major expansion, The Dark Below, which introduces new content for pass holders including equipment, strikes and raids. It’s a big drop that will add a bit more to the game’s lore, and it focuses on the forces of The Hive. However, if you’re a non DLC owner this week will see core content locked away from you in what seems like an effort to convince players to buy the Season Pass.

If you want to play the Weekly or Nightfall strike then you are right out of luck. This week requires players to own The Dark Below to have play this content, modes that were available freely from launch. This will subside next week when the playlists rotate, but every few weeks that lock will appear again. I just tried to access the game modes and was greeted by the following screens.


I understand wanting to promote the latest content but locking out players from certain modes for a week to do so seems pretty low. A solution could have been to have a separate weekly and nightfall strike for DLC owners, while other players could continue their own playthroughs. This is likely to worsen when the new expansion launches too, and that will see even more weeks where content becomes locked.

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  1. I’m gona file this under sly, scumy and oh so predictable. Glad I got out of the grind weeks ago.

  2. As someone who preordered the DLC, even I think this is poor. Not only does it lock base gamers out but will take new players and characters longer to unlock the content. Could and should have been done as a separate mission, or left out of the dailies/weeklies altogether.

  3. Really is completely and utterly nonsensical. It’s like the PS version and XBO version both having the same Strike rotation, despite the fact that there’s an extra strike on PS which is never featured. With the DLC, that’s now going to be two strikes which aren’t part of the rotation on PS.

    I’m all for keeping the systems relatively simple, but either having separate rotations, or having the exclusive/DLC playlists replace what those with the base game can play every X-1 or X-2 weeks makes far more sense and doesn’t punish people that don’t want to fork out £20.

    • I understand them wanting to promote the new expansion with some new content for folks to dive into from the off, but I don’t see why they couldn’t keep the regular weekly strikes in addition to the new ones. It’s not like they are short of space on that left side of the map where they appear!

      This does seem a little sly – & this is also coming from someone who has the expansion (yep, I caved!).

    • I don’t disagree with your basic premise. But that would get far too complicated as more DLC comes out. What if some people got DLC 1, but not 2 & 3. or 3 & 2, but not 1.

      Far better would be to give the DLC owners a choice of DLC strike/nightfall OR whatever standard release strike/nightfall was in the first rotation.

      So you get the reward of choice of whichever strike is easier for having the DLC, without screwing over the non-DLC peeps in the process.

  4. Yeah this sucks.

    I also bought the DLC weeks ago. But I am firmly of the opinion that DLC should ADD choices to those who buy it. Not take them away from those who don’t.

    Also, they took engram rewards out of tiger strikes and put them into dragon strikes (which can only be done by those with DLC). So if you were hoping for a more convoluted way to farm up a few coins this week, they got you there as well.

    • I thought Dragon strikes were just a tougher version of the tiger strikes (i.e. level 26 instead of 24)?

      Granted, DLC strikes could now appear in the rotation for this (would be a bit silly for DLC owners if they didn’t), but I would just expect that the game would notice you didn’t have the DLC & look for a standard strike instead.

      I take it that this isn’t the case?

  5. not even when they were with ms were bungie so mercenary.

    expansions should give more content to those who buy them, not take existing content away from those who don’t buy em.

    seems like activision are eager to enter that “worst company in america” competition next to ea and ubisoft.

  6. I think I see the Activision side of the ‘bungie/Activision’ partnership creeping in.

    What an utter load of crap. If this was any other game this ratio of cost/content would be ridiculed, but because it’s destiny a couple of missions and maps for £20 is totally fair.
    I’ll be sticking with my vanilla Destiny and popping in and out every so often.

    10 year plan / £20 every 2 months for a drip feed of weak additional content.

  7. Its shit like this that makes me hate gaming.
    Rather than spur me to buy the DLC, Im more likely to trade it in

    • I’m with you here, I liked the game allot and was willing to overlook it’s flaws, but this seems like the end of the road for me. I can’t raid and having the content I paid for to level up after level 20 restricted…
      I just can’t see the fun in it anymore, dragon age will get my time from now on

      • How does this stop you from raiding? The Vault of Glass should still be available?

      • Sorry maybe I should have made that clearer, I will never be able to make a fire team of six people. Not the games fault though!

      • Ah, I see – Totally understandable, but there are ways & means around that though.

        You could pop a thread in the forum (or state your availability in one of the ones that already exist), or there is a site dedicated to teaming people up in destiny for strikes, nightfalls & raids.

        I think it’s this one

  8. The biggest problem this update has brought for me is the raise in difficulty of harder versions of story levels & such – The raid has refused to drop me the items I need to be suitably equipped for these things, so whilst I gave them a go (& managed to get through the daily story & first mission of the DLC), I was severely underpowered & totally overwhelmed.

    The only choice I have is to try & get through the second level of the DLC on the lower difficulty level & miss out on my precious materials. Then grind (again!) to get myself some decent equipment from the vendors, as if I rely on my luck with RNG, I’ll likely still be the same level this time next year!

  9. Yep this is shitty business in my opinion. I thought the DLC was ridiculously high but was starting to come round to buying it, as I love the game. But…after seeing this, I wont be. It’s shitty and I hate Activision too. Bungie are starting to make a bad name for themselves.

    Without the DLC, I might aswell trade in the game it seems, such a shame.

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