Sony Selling The 20th Anniversary PS4 For Under £20 Tomorrow

Remember that really cool, limited edition PS4 that Sony unveiled last week? Well, if you’re near London tomorrow then you might be able to get one – at the low price of £19.94, too. If you’re fast.

They’re opening the PlayStation 94 shop and if you bring along a piece of your classic PlayStation collection – a controller, a game or the like – and use the phrase “I crashed my bandicoot!” then you might be in with a chance of picking up one of the elusive consoles.


There’ll be other PlayStation-related gear for sale, but only 94 of the consoles available for under £20. The shop opens at 11am tomorrow and appears to be located on Brick Lane, judging from a few quick snippets from the video above. It’s a bit like a scavenger hunt then, though it’s likely the shop will be obvious once you’re near it.

Fifty additional consoles will be on sale while the shop is open – from tomorrow until Friday – but it’s likely these will go fast as well. If you’re a PlayStation fan in London tomorrow, then you better get ready to find the shop.



  1. Bethnal Green Road by Slam East

    • 133 Bethnal green road next door to splash of London
      it was an old computer printer shop called Top Office Machines.
      the first few seconds of the video you can see a load of colored squares on the shop splash of london.

      • Yeah man, Slam City East is literally opposite.

  2. Just before we all explode, Hollie (over at PlayStation Access) has mentioned that there’ll also be a chance for people who can’t make it, online. On Monday.

    “Can’t join us? Stay tuned for more further 20th Anniversary activities where you can purchase online starting from Monday!” so following them on Twitter seems like a smart move. Or Facebook… or both/all/the lot! :-)

    • Cheers for that, I was thinking it’s always bl**dy down south where these things happen until I read your post.

    • I went to their FB account but couldn’t find anything related to this except for the presentation of the grey console itself, but nothing about this wonderful offer. How will people get to it online ?

  3. I would buy this in a heartbeat. And I already have a ps4.

    They should make this version available for everyone.

  4. I would so be hammering down to that London in the morning the morning if my car wasn’t poorly, well it’s just my window wiper switch broke. Damn I can’t risk that far. A train won’t get me there in time. I’m going to cope without this edition. Guess I’ll have to wait til Monday.

  5. How much will they be selling for on ebay by the end of tomorrow? Any guesses?

    • £850.00. Just a guess.

      • You do realise you now have to go and buy one for £850 just to prove yourself right? ;)

      • One went for over $5,000 on ebay.

      • Like I said, just a guess.

    • Apparently one went for $1 earlier,that’s gotta hurt

    • Nobody guessed anywhere near the stupid price they’ve been selling for then? Looks like some might have gone for $15,000 and even $20,000.

      But I think that’s Americans buying them online and selling them before they’ve even got them. Not the 94 sold in London to whoever lived near the shop and camped outside all night with their friends.

      Sony should go and cancel the orders of the muppets selling them on ebay for stupid prices. It’d be amazingly funny watching some people whinge about it. (The people not making obscene profits, mostly)

  6. I’m going, anyone want to meet?

    • This is the one time I’ve been sorely tempted to do something like this, gotta be down in Southampton for work at 1.30, just about doable if I drive, but then I’ll have to drive in during rush hour, it’ll be hell and I assume there will only be a slim chance of getting one. The trip isn’t worth it for socks.

  7. 133 Bethnal green road next door to splash of London
    it was an old computer printer shop called Top Office Machines.
    the first few seconds of the video you can see a load of colored squares on the shop splash of london.

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  9. Why couldn’t it be in the same place they opened that LBP shop in Manchester a few years back?

  10. Apparently the 94 have already been booked, and people arriving now are going on a reserve list.

    • Then what about us wanting to get one online ? Well now… that plan dropped quickly.

      • I think the online part is probably a separate allocation as it’s not starting till next Monday. Probably won’t need a PS1 item for that either (but don’t quote me on that).

    • Now I feel stupid for thinking I could rock up at 10am with a chance of getting one. Oh well!

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