Friend Log In Notifications Seem To Finally Be Coming To PS4

One of the biggest complaints about the PS4 is the lack of notifications for when friends log in, and handy little thing that really helps when you want to play games with them. It’s a feature that has been requested by people, myself included, since the PS4’s launch last year. Now it looks like Sony are set to finally bring the notifications to the PS4, as evidenced by a little trailer that the company has released. When you get to around the ten second mark you see a pop up on the right hand side of the screen notifying the user someone has logged in.


Sony has yet to issue a statement on this feature, and it could be part of a large update that will bring other requested functions to the PS4, such as CD playback and DLNA. We’ll see what is said in the coming days.

Source: Youtube



  1. People want CD playback?

    Okay. I now I expect someone to comment how they would love it. But really, is it worth the effort?

    • I want the ability to rip my CDs onto the hard drive and have them for custom background music.

    • How hard could it be though? The first Xbox could do it right out of the box (including ripping to a library).

      I guess they need to aquire some rights for this, but still. Sony have made CD players decades, so they already have the know-how.

  2. How can this even be missing? This is… um… I’m dumbfounded! :-\

  3. I’d rather they sorted out the messaging system.
    Rather than getting a time out on the server 75% of the time…

    • What makes it worse is trying to delete the Fu**ers it take forever..

    • This.

      And custom folders; and the ability to appear offline. Simple things really.

  4. Utterly insignificant compared to the ridiculous delayed messaging system.
    Just take a look at your friends list to see who’s online….ooh that takes all of 3 seconds though, whereas messages can take up to 5 minutes to be despatched home.

    Priorities taking a GPS signal to cloud-cuckoo land again!

    • I agree about the messaging system, but this update will be most welcomed by me as otherwise you are sat there checking & rechecking your friends list just for the person you were looking for to never come online.

      At least this way you can crack on with what you wanted/needed to do & just keep an eye out to see if they pop on.

      • Fair enough mate but even seeing friends appear online via pop up just means that you might as well stare at their avatar on the friends list because any message that you send won’t arrive for anything up to 15 minutes….up to 5 minutes to send and up to 15 minutes to arrive at the intended destination.

        Anyways if this feature update does it for some it’s a good thing, I’ll wait ;)

  5. We need more features like this to turn off. Unless they add it and forget to add the option to stop annoying you every 5 seconds with more and more notifications.

    I assume it’s a feature requested by either (a) people with no friends, or (b) people who like extra features they can turn off themselves?

    • Agreed.

      It’s the worst ‘feature’ the Vita has, and was incredibly annoying before it could be turned off on PS3. Leave this in the past, the menu is always speedy now, nobody needs it.

    • Yeah I agree, personally the friend notification annoys me, but even more annoying is the dumbing down of customisations and options. Choice would be best.

  6. It’s baffling how they could spend the lifetime of the PS3 developing their online network and functionality – and then promptly forget a large chunk of it as soon as they jump to the PS4.

  7. Ha ha, you said that it might be part of an upcoming update which might include DLNA. Ha ha, you made me laugh, thank you.

  8. Sony u have to add CD ripping mp3 support n complete USB support to unlock the ps4’s power

  9. I would like the auto play feature when you insert a game/dvd/bluray. Something so simple.

    • But make it optional, because I hate that at times. And, that’s another feature the PS3 has…

      • Yep i agree make them all optional.

        Can you disable menu sounds without disabling notification/trophy sounds yet? That was another thing I noticed.

        Thankfully I still have a ps3 so not having these features isnt a major issue. But if i only had a ps4, i’d be pissed at Sony for dragging their feet/taking their sweet time bringing such basic features to the ps4.

        It was released over a year ago and the progress seems minimal.

  10. This had better be an opt-in, there’s nothing more annoying than those notifications on Vita, I can’t turn them off (only stop the pop-up).

    Why people need the notification when it literally only takes a couple of seconds to bring up the friends list I don’t know. It’s not like the PS3 where the XMB could take 30 seconds to do something at times when in game.

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