Tons Of New Just Cause 3 Screens Feature Car Surfing, Parachuting & Explosions

I think those are the three things that sum up Just Cause 3: car surfing, parachuting, and explosions. Well, that and using your grapple hook. If these screenshots are anything to go by, that’s what we’ll be seeing a lot of in the game. And there are a lot of screens, so prepare yourself.

Looks quite good, doesn’t it? Hopefully the game lives up to the screenshots and keeps the mayhem of the previous instalment. Just Cause 3 will release on PS4, Xbox One & PC in 2015.

Source: AGB



  1. “Looks quite good” Looks really good, can’t wait.

  2. I loved Just Cause 2 so I can’t wait for this to come out.
    It was so much fun causing carnage around it’s map. I hope JC3 has something similar to Far Cry 4’s co-op, that would be awesome.
    However I can’t get over how much the plane looks like a toy in the last screenshot!

    • Haven’t they already said it will not have any coop or multiplayer modes?
      Shame but if it means more time dedicated to a great solo experience, I’m ok with it.

      • Thanks I didn’t know. It a shame after how fun it is in Far Cry 4 but like you said if it means the solo experience is better then I’ll be happy.
        I spent so many hours in JC2 just messing about that I’m looking forward to seeing all the new toys added to JC3

      • Why should co-op multiplayer detract from the single player experience? If there’s one thing that Just Cause is screaming out for, it’s co-op mayhem. It was a huge miss from JC2, and from what I gather it was unofficially added in later on. I would have thought that Square Enix would have learnt from that. Rockstar have shown us that you can have a great multiplayer element without detracting from the single player game mode. I personally think it’s poor that it is being left out.

  3. This is for the players! ;)

  4. Yep, that looks about right!

    This looks to be everything I want from a sequel to JC2

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