Borderlands Remastered Edition Rated In Australia

Well we haven’t had one of these for a while, a leak via a ratings board, but it appears that the Australian Classification Board have rated the previously unheard of Borderlands Remastered Edition.

There is not other information about the game – or possibly games. Borderlands 1 and 2 are rather ancient now so they may be together in one pack, perhaps even the recent Pre-Sequel (urgh) will also make to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That is, assuming this is for those consoles, the listing only states the title is multiplatform.

As we have no other information here is a picture of two kangaroos jumping for joy at the thought of playing Borderlands on Xbox One.


Source: Australian Classification via Playerattack


  1. It lists Gearbox and 2K Australia as the “author”. Which suggests the Pre-Sequel is involved there somehow, since Gearbox did the first 2 games, and then 2K Australia did the 3rd one.

    So the PS4 version of the Pre-Sequel everyone was expecting? Along with the first 2 games and all the DLC?

    Which leaves just 2 questions…

    1. When is this to be officially announced?
    2. Can I preorder it yet?

    • I hope it’s all three plus DLC or at least the first two plus DLC. I wouldn’t pay full price for just the first game.

  2. Only played the first and found it massively boring, which put me off the 2nd even though that was apparently much better. I think it’s the kind of thing that 100% needs coop, rather akin to destiny.

    • I don’t think coop is necessary (or desirable at times) in any of the Borderlands games.

      It’s the right sense of humour you need more than anything. It’s a decent enough shooter with lots of guns and some RPG elements to it. But if you don’t happen to enjoy the humour, it’s probably not going to interest you that much.

      Do you find words such as “wall sphincters”, “tinkle-juice” and “badonkadonks” funny? If so, the Borderlands games are for you. (Ok, there’s more than just those childish things in it. Not that there’s anything wrong with childish. I’m 43 and enjoyed them immensely)

      • I’m also 43 and “tinkle-juice” makes me laugh!!

      • You forgot “Buttstallion”!
        Never forget Buttstallion!

      • I shall remember in future. That was the pony made out of diamonds, wasn’t it? Not a statue of a pony, but an actual real pony made out of diamonds. I’m still not quite sure how that works, but nevermind.

    • I finished the 2nd with a Siren and for some time I was thinking about maybe….trying to platinum it but I realized it would be too much of a grind. And then Far Cry 3 came along and I found it massively more enjoyable.
      I also think Borderlands needs to be played in coop. I sometimes had people enter my game session and we had fun but I didn’t understand anything of the story that way.

      • Personally, I feel its best played twice – Once on your own to take in the full story & then once with others to just have fun taking down the various enemies & drooling over lovely lovely loot.

        Damn fun games overall though & if they did come to PS4, I would likely play them again (especially if it includes the pre-sequel).

  3. I would actually play this again if it were implemented to work on 60 FPS, An experience only possible on PC so far.

    • I’d be happy with an absolutely solid 30fps. Something the PS3 didn’t seem capable of. The original game suffered quite badly at points (the zombie DLC in particular). The sequel seemed a bit more solid.

      A nice 1080p at a fixed 30fps would do nicely. 60fps would be nice, obviously, but it really isn’t necessary. Especially if it can’t do it consistently. A solid 30fps is going to be better than 60fps dropping to 40 or 50 at points.

      • Yeah, it’s a valid point.
        but an FPS really benefits from the smooth transition in the picture (60 FPS), and I find it hard to enjoy a 30 FPS FPS (that’s: Frames per second First person shooter). it’s just me though.

    • Given how scalable the PC versions were I’d be extremely surprised if they don’t easily run at a locked 1080P/60. PhysX may cause some performance issues but they can scale that accordingly.

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