Krinkle Krusher Bringing Magical Tower Defence To PS4, PS3, & Vita

Illusis Interactive Graphics has announced Krinkle Krusher for PS4, PS3 and Vita, which is a tower defence style game where you’re a wizard, and you must defend the kingdom from monsters that want your cake. These creatures are called Krinkles and there are various types from generic ones that charge all the way up to MechaKrinkle, which is definitely based on MechaGodzilla. These various enemies require different tactics to use, which requires different spell types.


You have the basic element types like earth, fire and ice. though these will be improved and joined by other spell types. You have to manage mana too when fighting the Krinkles, because if you don’t then they’ll break through the defences and it’s game over. The game is expected to launch in February.

Source: PS Blog