Sony Details How You Can Get Your Hands On A 20th Anniversary Edition PS4

To celebrate 20 years of PlayStation Sony has released a limited run of PS4s that are made to remind people of the PSOne. It’s a very nice looking piece of kit, and if you’re one of the lucky few you’ll be able to buy one next week. First off you’ll have to brush up on your PlayStation history, as from Monday you’ll have to keep study a picture that will show characters from 20 years of PlayStation here. You’ll also have to follow either the PlayStation UK or GAME’s Twitter feeds as they’ll both be tweeting clues related to the picture over the course of next week. You have to decipher the clue and find the relevant point on the picture, which will become a link leading to a secret GAME site.

On this site you need to fill out your details and hope you’re one of the first one hundred to submit the details, as GAME will then send you a link within 24 hours to buy the console for £399.99. This opportunity will arise once a day Monday to Friday so you’ll have to be quick when it happens. If you do miss out of the opportunity to buy then you’ll be entered in a prize draw to win a limited edition console over the week. Importantly here are the times you need to watch the Twitter feeds.


Monday 4pm
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday 2pm
Thursday 8am
Friday 12pm

I don’t think I’ll be entering because I can’t afford to buy another console, so I’m no threat to all of you lot who will be entering. Good luck.

Source: PlayStation



  1. I would love to buy one of the consoles but it looks like my Sky HD box is on it’s last legs so I will need to keep my pennies for a new one.

  2. Well…then sign me up for that prize :) I’ll go out and search for a 4-leaf clover somewhere :P

  3. I’m in even if I can’t afford it I will find the money. Also I will use it as my main PS4… crazy!

    • Then I hope you manage to get one because I hate that all these people managed to get one then are trying to screw the real fans by selling on eBay for crazy prices.

  4. It looks great and I would love one, but there is no way I’m buying a second console at full price. I would buy a controller though. Any news on of they will ever release the controller separately?

    • This would be perfect and I don’t think it would detract from the specialness of the concole either…

      • Agreed. The way my PS4 is positioned, I can hardly see it anyway. But a controller would be nice.

  5. such a shame so many of these seem to be ending up on ebay for ludicrous prices.

  6. They are also giving away 20 of them with a psn-contest.

    The dutch side is here:

    But there should be an UK version of that too.

    I don’t have any inspiration at the moment, so won’t be competing, but good luck to all who do!

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