TSA Community Game of the Year 2014: Vote Now!

Here at TSA, we often think of you lot as part of the team. Whether it’s discussing the latest news in the comments section, talking about the latest releases with us on Twitter or laughing at my terrible driving on a live stream, you help to make TSA what it is. You also help to keep the staff amused as they put in the vast amount of effort required to take our little website out onto the internet where it competes with the rich and famous in UK games media quite comfortably.

So it’s only fitting that we should want to hear what your standout games of 2014 were as well as sharing our own. We’ve compiled our lists and the staff all voted last week – our Game of the Year features will start shortly and run all over the Christmas break – but now it’s your turn. We want you to vote in the same categories that we did and when all the results are in and counted, we’ll make them look pretty and present them in a big TSA Community Game of the Year article just before the end of 2014.

We’ll leave the voting open for one week, so please have the form submitted by 3PM on Friday the 19th of December. You don’t have to vote in every category and each drop down list should feature a handy “Other” option that will allow you to enter something that we’ve not included in the lists. Please also note that we decided to exclude remakes, rereleases and remasters from our considerations in all of the categories, although that doesn’t mean we forgot about them entirely.

Please only vote once, as subsequent votes will not be counted.

Voting is now closed.



  1. I voted for a DLC soundtrack.

    The Last of Us: Left Behind came out this year and the soundtrack was superb, even got a separate commercial release.

    Leaving out remasters did expose this year as one of transition though, not many stand-out winners for each category. I gave Towerfall my GotY just for the local multiplayer, which is pretty perfect.

    • Good choices, I agree, they’re both brilliant.

  2. Shocking that I’m not able to vote in strategy or fighting, I love those genres but there really hasn’t been much out on consoles for those this year. Still been a few cracking games though. Those Dragon fights in Dragon Age are absolutely incredible, Skyrim really doesn’t come close.

    So as tempted as I am to give my vote to Transistor or Velocity 2X, I’ll give the main vote to Dragon Age. Only half way through, but very impressed with it so far, lovely stuff. And not really played much LBP3 yet so can’t really choose that either, despite being a hug fan of the series.

  3. Done. Some of it I put no vote because I hadn’t played enough from category. I voted gta 5 from one category, though I reckon it was released last year, it came to ps4 this year.

    • They did say they were leaving out remasters, which prevented me from voting The Last of Us in every possible category.

  4. Best remaster I think would have been an apt category this year. In which case I would have gone for FFX HD.

    Don’t know about anyone else but my game of the year is The Wolf Among Us. Such a brilliant unique game.

    • I loved The Wolf Among Us, although it didn’t quite get my game of the year, although would have been second (if there was a second place). I love how the fairy tale characters are put into a dark environment – murder, prostitution – it’s brilliant. Just got beaten by Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare for me, it’s such a fun game and all the humour and great presentation has been beautifully transferred from a 2D Tower Defence game to a 3D Third Person Shooter.

      Counterspy is worthy of a shout for my indie game of the year – really good presentation, and the first game in a while that I’ve found addictive and couldn’t put down.

      • Counterspy is fantastic, and looks gorgeous to boot.

        Rogue Legacy and Towerfall beat it to my Indie game of the year. That’s probably the strongest category too, some amazing games in there.

  5. I thought P.T was just a playable teaser basically a demo, didn’t know it was considered a game to be a contender.

    Anyway from all the list of games listed just goes to show this year hasn’t been that great for games at all. Wanted to vote for shadow of mordor as my GOTY but it left a sour taste story wise so Alien won the vote

  6. Haven’t played too many games this year so several no votes from me. Dragon Age Inquisition got top spot . A brilliant game all round.

  7. Stale year for me. I even feel bad for voting in certain categories because I don’t have a good basis for comparison. Now I feel guilty and will go and eat Nutella.

  8. I’m probably going to be out on my own choosing Driveclub as overall winner but if anything i’ve played in the last twelve months screams next-gen to me it’s Driveclub.

    • I nearly put DriveClub as my game of the year but there was just a bit too much wrong with it when launched.

    • I was close to giving it my overall GOTY. Absolutely love the game now tbh and it’s easily the best racer on current gen imo. Especially since the weather update, haven’t played anything as next gen as DC at times tbh.

    • Nope, I’ve chose it too.
      In fact I didn’t realise how little games I’ve bought this year. I’ve got loads of ‘No votes as apart from DC I’m still mostly on BF4, Resogun, Pinball & GTA V which is a remaster.

  9. Shadow of Mordor was my favourite game by a country mile. Such a great experience with a good wad of unique gameplay.

    Also, for sidescroller, I went with Dust: An Elysian tale. Now thinking that was a re-release from the PC but if not, it was a cracking wee game.

  10. Didn’t vote for best shooter and horror, as I feel I haven’t sampled them enough.

    However, I did vote Donkey Kong for best soundtrack. And it’s very unfortunate that it’s not in the drop-down, it’s friggin David Wise!

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