Ryu & Chun Li Face Off In First Proper Look Of Street Fighter V Gameplay


Yesterday the Capcom Cup event took place, a tournament where some of the world’s best Street Fighter players compete for monetary prizes, and during the event the first proper look at Street Fighter V’s gameplay. It features Chun Li and Ryu facing off showing off their trademark moves, with hadoukens and kicks galore. It looks rather remarkable while retaining the artistic style that the Street Fighter games had on the last generation of consoles.


The gameplay shows both EX and Revenge bars in action, with the former looking like it gives element based damage for a brief while and the latter are essentially supers that do a ridiculous amount of damage. This shown stage is slightly destructible too allowing for a new area to open up and fight in, and there’s also a bonus noodle bowl that ends up on someone’s head though you should watch the full footage to see that. The bowl even remains on the head for the rest of the match.

Source: Youtube



  1. It’s looking good. Ryu seems incredibly overpowered though, seems quite cheap.

  2. Nvm that, Charlie is back.

  3. I absolutely love these fighting games, they look stunning. I recall the days I used to play “Yie Ar Kung-Fu” on the rubber keyed Spectrum (I just watched a clip on YouTube which made me laugh for several reasons), and the many hours I would pour in to the rather clunky gameplay. Sadly I am absolutely awful at these fighting games and always resort to bashing those buttons in the vain hope that I can pull off a killer combo, which never happens. So whilst I love the look of this game, I won’t be buying it.

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