News Snatch: Mario Maker, Loadout, Dying Light And Hot Tubs

It’s the last Snatch of year! Probably. It should be quiet from now until the new year so I’m guessing this will be last one, but who knows, there may be a torrent of making-of videos, an avalanche of patch notes and a veritable snowdrift of screens from games that you have already seen. It’s pretty slim pickings at the moment to be honest, I’m having to start with a Wii U game it’s that bad, take a look at some Mario Maker footage above.

Yes it’s back, the feature that points out the bloody obvious that everyone else reports as news. Which it isn’t. Ever. Here is today’s ground breaking story of the most utmost importance!

“It’s a disappointment” – PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara on the Driveclub launch.

A trailer for Scrolls which is a new thing from Mojang which is not Minecraft, so who cares.

SaGa 2015 is in development for PlayStation Vita. It’s a thing from Japan and not a simulation of a a coach trip to the Norwegian Fjords for the over 60’s.

The rather dull opening cinematic from Dying Light.

Bermuda has been greenlit for Steam. ‘So what’ I hear you cry, which is exactly my reaction when this was dumped on the Snatch desk. However, there was a note attached top the news, “This may or may not be a game that I voice the protagonist in – Miguel”.

That will be Miguel Moran, recent addition to the TSA News team. A quick check on the official site reveals that he is playing the character Edward, so well done to him. By the way Miguel, you’re also fired for not reporting this conflict of interests to myself and Aran before (just kidding.)

Warface, the free to play shooter on Xbox 360 is to shut down, the decision was made by the publishers Microsoft and not developers Crytek.

“In the run up to February 1st next year, we’ll be gradually winding down Warface service on Xbox 360. Existing players will still be able to play the game and use any content they have already acquired until the game closure date,” Crytek posted on Facebook.

The full Battlefield Hardline panel from the recent PlayStation Experience, I am still finding it very hard to get excited about this game.

Not really video games news but I’m desperate for something interesting to write about and it does mention PlayStation special report!

A PlayStation 4 was one of the items discovered on a raid on the New Bilibid Prison in in Muntinlupa, Philippines.

“Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, accompanied by elements of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and Philippine National Police (PNP), held a surprise inspection at the national penitentiary’s maximum security compound amid reports that convicted drug lords are still able to continue with their operations inside jail”, reports ABS CBN News.

I can just about work out how you could smuggle a PS4 in to a prison and hide it. Want to know what else they found? Eight luxury watches, vaults of cash, a 48-inch flat screen television, air-conditioning units, a sex doll and a fully working sauna and hot tub.


Precisely how do you smuggle than in to a high security prison?

Alien: Isolation has been updated with two new games modes, Novice and Nightmare, try to guess which one makes the game easier.

Loadout launches on PlayStation on December 17th, it’s a free to play multiplayer shooter and PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a free bonus pack.

SMUT WATCH! Yes I’m that desperate for news that I have resurrected the Smut Watch feature, and just in time too as Criminal Girls: Invite Only has been rated for release on PS Vita in the UK.

One mini-game allows players to “motivate” female characters by using riding crops, feathers, bottles of liquid, and cattle prods to defeat various “temptations” (e.g., small creatures/icons). During these sequences, the female characters are depicted in revealing outfits (e.g., cleavage and/or large portions of their breasts) and provocative positions (e.g., legs spread, crouching from behind) as the ‘cartoony’ objects scroll over their bodies

That doesn’t sound too bad but I googled for screen shots and had to close my browser rather quickly, some of the poses the girls pull would make Bayonetta blush.

And finally, a nice little video which shows 2014 in Gaming in under two minutes, how many titles can you spot?