Pirate RPG Raven’s Cry Releasing January 28th For PS4 & PS3


TopWare Interactive has announced new release dates for its upcoming pirate RPG, Raven’s Cry. According to the press release the digital offering of the game will be available on PC, Mac, Linux from January 26th. The physical edition of the game will release on PC, PS4 and PS3 on January 28th 2015. TopWare was aiming to get the game out in time for Christmas but the studio has decided to delay, as this will allow for a bit more time to polish it.

According to the official site Raven’s Cry story revolves around Christopher Raven, and he is seeking out the people who killed his family. You’ll be able to sail across the Caribbean to do this and the main plot will apparently take 25 hours to complete. Of course as it’s an RPG there will be side quests to take up more of your time. The site also lists the game for Xbox 360 but since it isn’t mentioned in the new release schedule I assume it has been quietly dropped or delayed further.

Source: Press Release/ Official Site

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  1. I may get some flak for this. I know this says it’s an RPG and Assassins Creed is an adventure game but Black Flag set the bar pretty high for my taste in high seas adventures. It was almost a pirate game with AC tacked on as recognizable name to shift units. If I’m going to be honest this looks visually awful in comparison. Also, 25 hours for an RPG seems very flimsy. That’s just my first overall impression. I’ll happily give them a chance to change my mind but not impressed right now.

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