PS4 Version Of Trine Enchanted Edition Releasing December 17th In Europe

Frozenbyte has announced that Trine Enchanted Edition will be releasing on PS4 this week, more specifically on Wednesday the 17th. North American players won’t be able to buy the game until the 23rd of December. The game will run at 60fps in 1080p and will also support 3D output in 720p. As Trine 2 is already out Frozenbyte will be trying to do special promotions for both games, though if you have PS Plus you may have snagged that earlier this year. Price wise Trine Enchanted Edition will cost Europeans € 12.99 & North America $14.99. No definitive UK price has been given


The studio also gave an update on the Wii U version of Trine Enchanted Edition, stating that January is the likely release month for the game, with this being down to submission issues rather than technical ones.

Source: Frozenbyte


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  1. I might finally buy this game as I was supposed to buy it all last gen but never got around to it.

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