Rockstar Releases Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Trailer, Expected Early 2015

Heists for Grand Theft Auto Online is a mode that player’s have been waiting over a year for, and now Rockstar has released a new trailer that gives a quick look at the mode. The trailer starts with the words “I know you’ve been complaining, but you weren’t ready,” which seems like a bit of a dig towards players. How dare you complain for not getting something you expected near launch over a year later?  Even though we have a new trailer there isn’t actually a release date either, outside of early 2015.


The heists mode itself does look rather fun though, and they were some of my favourite bits from the single player side of the game. The online version looks to have everything included from planning how to carry out a heist, to going through each stage like acquiring vehicles and information of the target. Heists will require four players and all of them have to be above level 12. Heist leaders will have to pay for all the gear too, and won’t receive cash back until the final mission in a heist is complete. Other players in the crew will be paid for each mission in a heist. There will be a total of five heists, with 20 missions in total split between them. According to Rockstar these will add 20 hours of gameplay to GTA Online.

If you’ve left GTA Online behind will the heists bring you back?

Source: Rockstar/IGN



  1. For me, GTA was underwhelming due to the grind and the lack of dedicated matchmaking for game modes where you can play against anyone in a mode rather than jump in free roam then go in from there.

    Heists should have been there from the start but it gives a delayed incentive for those who have yet to pick it up.

  2. I’m so excited for this. I have fallen in love with GTA Online all over again since the PS4 version came out and replaying single player too reminded me how much fun the heists are.
    I love the idea of getting a good team together and planning and executing it all. HURRY UP Rockstar, my body is ready.

  3. Sweet Moses!

  4. Looks great fun! How long does it take to get to level 12 btw? Hopefully not too long!

    • Not long. Do a few missions, races, death matches etc and you’ll soon hit that.
      It helps if you are in a crew with higher level people cos they can invite you to missions that need a higher level than yours and those will level you up faster

  5. I seriously hate having levels in GTA Online, just let me jump in and wreck havoc on the same capability as anyone else without worrying about numbers!

    • It’s necessary for matchmaking and balancing plus it’s a good way to reward achievement and commitment.
      It is flawed though. It’s too easy to end up in lobbies or jobs where you are massively outclassed.

  6. Excellent, I have GTA 5 coming to me from mrs claus so really looking forward to diving into GTAs’ world.

  7. To me GTA online felt really fragmented. I know the same kind of fluidity cannot be delivered for online…but for every race or deatmatch had this big loading screen. It wasn’t GTA for me. GTA means open exploration without a single loading screen.
    The only thing that could get me into online part is the crew aspect. Maybe if a bunch of us get together from TSA and do some missions. But other than that….

    • It’s impossible to keep that fluidity when you are loading in a bunch of real people from all over the globe.
      If you do a freeroam session with friends/crew and all go into closed events together, it’s pretty fast.
      A good crew does transform GTA Online. Much more fun when you can have a laugh on the mic as well as play.

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