TSA Game Of The Year 2014: Sports

The yearly sports iterations account for some of the biggest releases in the gaming industry. 2014 saw a greater number of nominations thanks to PES’ debut on new-generation consoles and the FIFA World Cup taking place in the summer. Of course, each of us each have our own favourite sport so as you can expect there were a breadth of different titles picking up a number of votes here and there. However, there was one clear winner which blew away the rest of the competition.

Coming home(run) in third place this year was MLB 14: The Show. Baseball isn’t what you consider a mainstream sport here, however, MLB 14 was able to make the sport easy to pick-up and enjoy. Baseball fans can still expect an authentic experience from the game, but if you’re looking for something new to try out look no further than MLB 14: The Show.

Taking second spot was NBA 2K15, which has a rather big fan base on these shores. 2K have really gone out of their way with NBA 2K15, bringing a host of improvements and new features. Player animations are smoother and the overall presentation much sharper. MyCareer has had a somewhat revamp, making it one of the best career modes you will find in any sports title, with 2K TV also being a nice addition. The same can’t be said of NBA’s face-scanning feature though, its hit and miss implementation making for some terrifying albeit hilarious results.


To no surprise FIFA 15 took home the title this year. It is simply the best game at representing football. It wasn’t quite the revolutionary jump players were expecting but it did bring a number of improvements. Player animations were more realistic, especially those of the goalkeepers, and general aspects of play seemed to require more skill – noticeably shooting and defensive tackling. For all football fans it is a must have, and it will be sometime before FIFA is knocked off it’s pedestal.

FIFA 15 is TheSixthAxis’ Sports Game of the Year 2014.





  1. I have both FIFA 15 and PES 2015 and once the licenses are out of the equation, PES 2015 is a far superior game of football. I simply can’t go back to playing FIFA after playing PES for any period of time. The modes may be a little lacking but when it comes down to that actual gameplay it wins on almost every count. If you prefer FIFA btw feel free to copy and paste all that and swap the FIFA and PES references about.

    • Spot on

    • Much respect! I feel that if pro had licenses, fifa wouldn’t be where it’s at right now. It’s a shame people don’t realise the quality pro is & hopefully they don’t give up on pro konami & let fifa take over

      • The big issue for the current PES is the current generation of consoles not supporting Option Files due to their over elaborate DRM models. But as a simple game of football it is fabulous.

      • So FIFA 15 still is the best game at “representing football”?

    • In total agreement here, well said. I’ve even tried FIFA since and just struggle to play it.

    • Yep. Got pro evo in the 12 days of Xmas sale. Can’t go back to Fifa. It feels as good as the glory days of the ps2 era pro evo games. I didn’t care about kits and licenses then. I don’t care now, not when it plays so well.

    • Except for passing, which is the most important part of gameplay. There isn’t close to enough directional control there and that is a huge flaw to have in your game.

      FIFA 15 handed players far more control over their players and actions, and made FIFA a harder game than PES for possibly the first time ever. They actually had to patch AI positioning of defenders back in as the learning curve was too steep for some, but this FIFA feels far more rewarding than previous games.

      Except when I lose of course. Then it’s EA momentum scripting bullshit of course and nothing to do with my own failings. :P

  2. The second best football game wins best overall sports game?


  3. Don’t see why people fuss over licenses other than the chance to play as teams from lower leagues. I see it as an excuse for people to dismiss PES quickly in favour of the mainstream. Fifa 09 was a superb game and the series was on a rich vein of form upto Fifa 13.

    14 was disappointing and 15 marks the series in decline. PES on the other hand is on the up. The future looks bright for PES whereas Fifa for me will need to redo a lot of things if it is to move forwards.

    • For me FIFA 09 nailed everything, it surpassed PES05 as the best footie game for its time. I didn’t really get on with FIFA10, 11 & 12 despite playing them – although I found FIFA13 exceptional.

      I’ve played a lot of FIFA15, although it was unplayable for over a month because of the stuttering bug. It’s really not good at all. People obviously like presentation over actual on the pitch football, which for me is far better represented by PES2015, which I just picked up in the 12 days of Christmas sale

  4. PES is boring because it is a better representation of football. I don’t want a football simulator, I want an exciting fast paced, game where it is attainable with practice to score overheads and bicycle kicks. I want a game where I can sit next to my mate, score a 40 yard wonder goal and taunt him about it and vice-versa.
    PES isn’t exciting anymore, it used to be when i was at Uni back in 2001/02, but if I were running Konami, I’d have shuttered the doors on that franchise long ago.

    The licenses do play a part of course, I wan’t my full competitions and teams, Im not interested in playing as “Orange 4512” like you had to back in the day when playing as Holland.

    I’d never say never, but PES will find it very hard to usurp FIFA now, EA has mulitple studios working on multiple sports games and they are all sharing their improvements with the other guys so that the following year these are added to all the sports franchises.
    I’m sure it was NBA that first introduced the 360 degree turning circle for players, following year it was in every EA sports franchise. From what I can tell, Konami have no where near the money or man power to compete with that.

  5. I really don’t think licensing is playing that much of a role in FIFA’s success anymore.

    The most popular mode has you make up your own team in Ultimate Team anyway.

  6. “It is simply the best game at representing football”.

    ‘the hell?!? I can’t help but feeling anything other than this is just wrong. I know it’s always subjective but still…

    @ Brendancalls

    “PES is boring because it is a better representation of football”. Seriously?

    • Lol!, seriously!!
      I explained why :-)

      • Lol yourself. I think it’s amazing that the better realism makes it more boring. But if you are not a fan of the beautiful game…

      • I am a fan of watching and playing the beautiful game but I’m not a fan of having that experience so accurately simulated on a console.
        Its like playing F1 compared to Burnout, I’d much prefer to play Burnout becasue its fun, quite fantastical but overall its fun, I just don’t find F1 fun because when you get down to it is as an accurate representation of driving an F1 car as is possible.
        I’m not interested in simulation, I’m interested in fun and all the evidence says most people would agree with me –

        FIFA is still top of the sales charts, months after it’s release
        Its voted the best sports game on the best gaming website in the business.

        PES is struggling to stay in the Top 40 list of games
        On a this website, that is predominantly UK based, it finished 6th, behind 3 American sports games

        I’d say that qualifies FIFA as the best football experience available on consoles

    • I’m curious as to why I’m wrong.

      • Well, I did write that I felt it was wrong…

        But calling Fifa 15 for the best represantion of football is a big step. Especially when it’s strength doesn’t lie in the gameplay – something that seems to be the perception of quite a few.

  7. personally i thought that fifa wc2010 was best fifa game of the lot! they seem to fix one thing a year but mess up something in return!

  8. Fifa98 was the best one.

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