Podcast: The Year According to Aran

This is the third entry in our interview mini-series, where I talk to various people about their 2014, both in terms of the games they’ve been playing and on a more personal level. This time I’m talking to Aran Suddi, one of the news editors here at TSA, a star of TSA Live and all around good guy.

Alongside Aran reflecting on how 2014 has been personally, including his first full year as an editor and his current novel writing endeavour, he picked out three games that had really made an impact for him in 2014. First up was Destiny, the game he credits with getting him back into multiplayer gaming, even if he wasn’t all that enamoured by the way the story was presented.

Next he turned to a somewhat smaller title, picking out Child of Light as worthy of discussion. In particular he highlighted how well the game conveys its narrative, something we spent some time talking about.

His third and final game was Murdered: Soul Suspect, at least partly because of its fairly bonkers premise of playing as a ghost trying to solve his own murder. He also lamented the demise of the game’s developers, Airtight Games, after putting together a game that was genuinely trying something different.

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  1. I guess everyone of us has that idea – maybe one day I’d try to write a book. But to get from the idea to the actual consistent action of writing, is a long road.

    I actually did not play Murdered: Soul Suspect, but a lot of people got it on sales, it was a frequently mentioned game. Too bad for the devs. The idea of basing such a game in London….mental :)

    Merry Christmas you guys !

  2. Destiny, story?


    i’ve found there’s a bit too much description in the Game of Thrones books.

    every detail about what people are wearing, detailed descriptions of every meal.
    Martin would probably have finished the next book by now if he skipped some of that stuff.

    but still bloody goods books on the whole.
    got them all on my kindle now, just started book one again.

  3. Good luck with the book Aran ^^

    Nice idea with the developers asking kids for their stories, in terms of a game. Could be a start of something really special and I also agree that we lost something on way in terms of FUN games. I mean PlayStation, because Nintendo is…well completely into that genre of games, but SONY has lately forgotten how much fun games like Crash, Spyro or even Ratchet brought with them. Something Singstar won’t ever achieve.

    Another good one Kris, keep it up.

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