TSA Game Of The Year 2014: Fighting

There can be only one. Fighting games, this year, have came in a few shapes and sizes: side-on smashers, third person wrestling, and three-dimensional brawlers. In truth, it’s quite hard to distinguish the latter from action/adventure at points, but we’ve taken into account games that focus on pure action – most notably the Warriors series – and included them here too.

Tied in third place, we have two very different games. First there’s Hyrule Warriors, the mash-up beat-’em’-up of the Legend of Zelda and Warriors franchises. This game was by and large a success, celebrating the Zelda franchise with plenty of fan service. The other game in third place – Killer Instinct Season Two – is quite an interesting one, as it’s essentially just a new character pack for the previous year’s title, but does enough successfully so that we were able to include it here.

EA got their hands on the UFC franchise, and this took the runner-up position in our fighting category. With some incredible realism on show, the game edges on uncanny valley. There’s also an impressive, varied AI set that makes each fighter feel unique. With such a focus on realism, it’s a rather large difference from the category’s winner.


It was hardly a narrow win for Super Smash Bros. – the game had over four times the percentage of second place, taking almost 50% of the votes to destroy the competition with a devastating final smash and take first place. With the easy to play yet hard to master fighting gameplay that works perfectly in multiplayer scenarios – now with up to eight players – and plenty of modes to choose from, this is a shining example of a brilliant fighting game for everyone to enjoy.

Super Smash Bros. is TheSixthAxis’ Fighting Game of the Year 2014.

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  1. A quiet year with no Tekken, MK, SF releasing.

  2. My last favourite gaming genre of all. I can’t be arsed to learn the ridiculous amount of button combos. I don’t think I’ll ever play a fighting game ever again.

    • Try one of the not-fighting-games-at-all that managed to sneak into that list. The button combos are just “press square some number of times and then press triangle another number of times”. Sometimes you get to press circle and laugh as hundreds of enemies go flying.

    • You might like Smash then, there little focus on combos outside of competitive play. The platforming element makes it feel more like a beat’em-up. Which, as MrYd points out, is what the Warriors series is.

  3. I see what you’ve done there. With a bit of a lack of proper fighting games this year, you’ve bundled in all those definitely-not-fighting-games.

    They really should have a separate category, but then that might be a bit pointless. One company would win, and who actually has time to play more than 1 of them in any given year anyway? There’s just far too much to them. And by that I mean it’s the same thing (kill hundreds of people) repeated with different characters/weapons/locations with bits of story in between.

    Which isn’t to say they’re bad games. They’re not. They’re enormous amounts of fun. I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing Dynasty Warriors 8 (subtitle I’m too embarrassed to type). I’ll pick up another one after christmas and play that for about 500 hours too.

    But they’re not fighting games.

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