TSA Game Of The Year 2014: Shooter

If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of gunfire, exo-suits, titan drops and supercharged abilities as our shooter game of the year award is on the horizon and quickly headed this way. As with every year, we had plenty of quality of titles to choose from since this genre is still probably the biggest among AAA games, but per usual, a few of them really stood out.

Coming in third place is the Xbox and PC exclusive, Titanfall. Hailed as a true next-gen experience long before people even had a chance to play it, Respawn’s first attempt at a new IP hit a positive note pretty much across the board. The pilot abilities and how quickly they moved really inserted a shot of adrenaline into the genre, and the titans added an entirely new layer to the fast-paced multiplayer combat style so many already loved. Pair that with Respawn’s fantastic support of the game with free content patches and new game modes, and Titanfall did indeed help set the pace for shooters on new hardware.

Arriving in second place was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which came with a finely crafted multiplayer experience that the franchise really needed after Ghosts disappointed many fans. The exo-suit somehow managed to make the gameplay even quicker, and additional aesthetic and load-out options sent the customization factor to new heights within the franchise. Oh, and did we mention Kevin Spacey? Yeah, he’s in the single player campaign and did a phenomenal job adding a lot of character to what Call of Duty has always done well, exciting set-piece moments.


Coming out on top this year was Destiny, Bungie’s first game since they left the Halo franchise and one that is still being played by many of us here at TSA. While even some of Destiny’s biggest fans admit that the game had its shortcomings, there’s something that just feels right about the mechanics, the loot and leveling system, the competitive multiplayer, and the feeling you get when you finally get past that level 28 raid with five of your buddies. It’s a feeling that has kept us coming back every week since launch and will likely keep us playing well into next year after all other shooters are firmly in the rearview mirror.

Destiny is TheSixthAxis’ Shooter Game of the Year.





  1. The loot system seemed to be one of the most consistently complained about problems with the game to me. But I’m not surprised to see Activision get an automatic win in the FPS category this year. Disappointed yes, surprised, no.

    • The loot system is often complained about yes, but this is generally by people who want the next big thing now rather than having to work for it (or more accurately, wait for RNG to be on their side).

      Personally, I don’t have that much luck with drops & whatnot, but I actually think its fine & I can cope with what I have.

      Any game that has me coming back for more each & every day has something special about it.

  2. Destiny really?! I mean I convinced my friend to get it, it’s fun with friends but Wolfstein or Titanfall are way better than this repetitive fest

    • I agree, I’ve not played Titanfall due to not owning an Xbox so can’t comment on that, but of all the FPS games I’ve played this generation, Wolfenstein is the only one that has really impressed and been good.

      • I thought it was terribly generic and dull, Destiny got my vote,

      • That’s funny because that’s how I feel about Destiny. I can see where you’re coming from though, Wolfenstein game play isn’t exactly what you would call innovative. I guess with games like these, they either click with you or they don’t.

      • I really liked that last Wolfy game on PS3, this one did not grip me at all, the story was an awful lot like that of the film Sky Captain, completely with a raid on the Nazi castle.

    • I enjoyed several shooters this year, Wolfenstein, Far Cry 4 and Destiny being the stand outs. Destiny gets my vote simply down to the number of hours I thoroughly enjoyed pumping into it. There is a quote that will come back and haunt me at some point.

  3. PvZ all the way. Thanks for the freebie EA.

    What immediately looks like throwaway cartoon nonsense, is actually the best shooter I’ve played for a while.

    The franchise’s name may not add much to this particular genre, but its gameplay is surprisingly tactical & layered, so it’s highly approachable on the surface but tactically deep as you learn

    • Yup, its the most fun I’ve had with a game in the last 12 months, my brother and I played for about 5 hours straight, had us smiling most of the time! Usually shooters have me swearing and shouting at the TV.

    • It is surprisingly tactical & layered, but in my experience it does a really bad job of explaining exactly what it is that you are supposed to be doing at any one time.

      I can see it being a really enjoyable game, but only if you put the time in to learn what you are actually supposed to do (with game modes, classes etc).

      More splash screens with more explanations would have been appreciated by me, but I guess I am in the minority there. I just don’t have time to be investigating what the mechanics are supposed to be in order to play a game.

    • Count me in.

  4. Thoroughly deserved for destiny, I haven’t spent as long on a single game since modern warfare. It’s not without its problems but the gun play is excellent and the loot/levelling system just keeps me coming back for more.

  5. It was the best shooter i played – not the best story-driven, stat-laden, lore-integrated game i played , just the actual shooting mechanics were perfection.

  6. I voted PvZ. Not a huge fan of shooters on the whole but a free game is a free game so i gave it a try. What a gem. The emphasis is definately on fun and all the better for it. Short blasts of intense fun. Brilliant stuff.

  7. How did PvZ not win this?

    • People didn’t vote for it. ;)

  8. i am fashionably late to destiny’s party
    just picked it up for £20.00.
    so far I’m impressed,(which is strange because i hated the beta).
    but wolfenstein should have won this based on its pure, no nonsense approach to blasting things to kingdom come.
    i dont care much for fancy xp, ranking up, la de da shenanigans.
    its all about getting up close and personal and shooting the living f**k out of what ever is in my way.

    how the hell did cod come second,its already pissing me off with no scope snipers, some serious lag issues and unbalanced weaponry.

    • So my reasons for not buying CoD are just: “no scope snipers, some serious lag issues”.

      You got to mention the jumping bullshit?

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