Ubisoft Respond To Tetris Ultimate Issues

It’s time for a festive quiz on TSA, pens and paper at the ready, here is your starter for ten: Tetris Ultimate launched last week and was published by Ubisoft, did the game…

  1. Work perfectly without the need of any patches of fixes.
  2. Have numerous bugs, not least of which was a terrible frame rate problem on the PlayStation 4.

Ten points to everyone who guessed 2, as the game shipped with juddering blocks and a frame rate than would make Assassin’s Creed Unity blush. Just in case anyone is puzzled (aha), yes we are talking about Tetris, the game in which 2d geometric shapes fall down a screen, a game that runs perfectly well on a ZX Spectrum.


The solution, at least for the frame rate problems on PS4, is the console equivalent of “Have you turned it off and on again?”, namely disconnecting the console from the internet.

Here is a list of known issues and their current status.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

PlayStation 4 Frame rate issues Working On It Workaround Below
As we continue to look into this issue, here are steps that you can take to improve the frame rate.

  • Disconnect from your internet connection (WIFI or Network Cable)

VS matches continue after KO Working On It
It has been reported that during multiplayer Battle matches some players could continue indefinitely even after they were KO’d. This is a de-syncing issue and is being looked into.

Tetrimino “skip” effect Working On It
Reports of input delays creating a ‘skipping’ effect where a hard drop places Tetriminos a space over.

Progression Circle not populating Working On It
Badges or belts are not accounted in the circular progression indicator.

Game Sounds not consistent in the main menu PlayStation 4 Working On It Xbox One Fixed in Next Patch
Sound in the main menu increases while navigating the control from one tab to another

Game Crashes Fixed in Next Patch
Users are experiencing game crashes while on the search screen for multiplayer modes.

Sprint Leaderboards Impossible Times Fixed in Next Patch
Leaderboards for the Sprint mode currently have values of impossible times (ex. 0:01 woo that’s fast!)

Sprint Leaderboards Backwards Ranking Fixed in Next Patch
Leaderboards for Sprint mode are currently ranked from slowest to fastest.

Battle and Battle Ultimate Team VS mode Fixed in Next Patch
Players are automatically receiving blocks twice.


Source: Ubisoft Forums



  1. If I may… here is something that continues to have merit.

    Ubisoft… when will you learn

    • As someone said on a podcast (don’t remember which): Tetris worked on GameBoy :)
      The End.

  2. If your dev team can’t release a working version of Tetris it’s time to get a new dev team. Harsh maybe, but Tetris ffs!

  3. To be fair to them though, a game like Tetris was bound to push next gen consoles to the absolute limit, they should be congratulated for getting the game to run at all.
    And I have to say, I’m loving this new trend of releasing almost every game completely broken to the public. Every time I buy a broken game, it give me hours and hours of laughter. Really clever and innovative idea, long may it continue!

  4. So, should we add Tetris to the list of things the PS3 does better than the PS4?

    This is ridiculous, does Ubisoft not have quality assurance?

  5. And the sheer ugliness of it and the dullness of the music are not even bugs, just features! Still, good to have tetris back even if it’s a really unsatisfactory version.

  6. Every time I hear of broken games now, I start to regret not buying them just in case they start giving free stuff away and I miss out.

    How annoyed am I that I didn’t buy that ACU season pass, now known as the “almost half price Far Cry 4 offer”?

    Although if they fix this Tetris game and offer some sort of free DLC for the game as compensation, I think it’s probably time we all give up. DLC for Tetris would be really taking the piss, I feel.

    • Unless the dlc is Pacman eating all the blocks, that would be amazing for at least 5 minutes.

  7. It’s Tetris….and its bugged and glitched…jeepers bloody creepers.

  8. I blame the internet. Without it there would be little to no possibility of patching bugs and it would have to be right straight out of the box… Like most (nearly all) used to be.

    • On the other hand, without the internet, there would be little to no possibility of patching bugs and they’d be there forever. Bugs have been in released games for 30+ years. At least these days they can be fixed.

      Being the sort of person I am (possibly “old”), I just looked up the famous attic bug from Jet Set Willy. A game released with fatal bugs in it 30 years ago. It was indeed fixed with a simple “patch”. (Changing just 4 bytes of the game manually). I didn’t know they’d actually used the “not a bug, a feature” claim at the time. Before admitting it was a bug.

      So in 30 years, nothing’s really changed, has it? Except we’re more likely to get these things fixed. And possibly free stuff in the process.

      • I can’t remember a game (in 30 years of gaming) being released with the level of almost unplayability like this and other recent issues. Those bugs in older games never prevented the playing or enjoyment like Sim City 4, ACU, this, FIFA stuttering etc…

      • I’m pretty sure I remember this. You jumped and fell off the platform and it just kept repeating and there was f*ck all you could do about it apart from watch your lives count down.

      • The attic bug in JSW was worse than that. You’d walk into certain rooms and instantly die. And then reappear and die again. If you’d been into the attic at all. And if you started a new game, once the foot squished you, the bug would still be there.

        The game was basically entirely broken and impossible to finish. Much more of a disaster than anything released this year.

      • Talking about 30 years ago. I remember playing Bruce Lee on the Speccy with my brother.
        He controlled Bruce with the Joystick and I controlled some fat like sumo dude on the keyboard, anyway… I think you were supposed to fight each other making it even more difficult for Bruce to complete the game but we discovered you could help him and literally play through the whole game in a co-op type mode which I’d never seen on the Speccy before ’til the likes of Double Dragon etc.

      • Yeah, regarding JSW that probably was the bug I meant. I was going to say I remember getting above the attic on a space rocket but after a quick Google, it looks like the rocket was in the 2nd game.
        God knows… I was only young and it was about 30 years ago! :/

      • Yes, JSW2 had the rocket.

        Come to think of it, JSW2 was just the first game with some extra content added to it. A year later. It’s kind of like some of those really stupid DLC decisions certain games have made lately where you can’t just buy the DLC, you have to buy the whole game again to get it. (Diablo 3 for instance?)

        So really, not much has changed in the past 30 years, has it? Apart from things looking nicer. And less rubbery keyboards. (For young people wondering what a rubber keyboard is like, why not place your phone in a bowl of nice thick custard and try typing on it? Just don’t moan at me when your phone doesn’t work and smells of custard)

      • Dont forget some people weren’t fortunate to be able to play the game due to not being able to access the game as the couldn’t get past the colour code security which the user had to input from the insert. If you were colour blind then you were screwed.

        Then there were the multiple bugs in Ant Attack. They just don’t make games like that any more.

        Matthew Smith has a lot to answer for. Where did he get to

      • Whoa, I forgot all about that colour code thing!

      • But that security feature for JSW was just a set of numbers someone copied from the coloured sheet and photocopied for all their friends at school, wasn’t it? How would that be a problem if you were colour-blind? ;)

        What really was a problem was the copy protection for Elite on the Spectrum. A pair of scrambled letters appeared on screen, you placed a plastic thing on the TV, looked through it at a pair of letters scrambled in a slightly different way, and then guessed at the 2 letters giving you a 1 in 676 chance of playing the game.

        The 80s were shit, really.

      • The one for elite was called lenslok. I was only discussing this the other week with someone who purchased the new elite from the kickstarter project. Tbh i cant even remember ever seeing a photocopier in those days let alone having access to one. I do remember copying all the colours from the pages, i think there were about 6 pages to go through for a friend so he could play a copy of mine.

      • Certainly a topic for debate. I remember one of my favourite games on the PSone, Xcom Terror From the Deep. Loved it, but it was almost impossible to finish due to the research tree being so buggy. If you researched items in the wrong order there was a very good chance you’d be unable to finish the game after having for played for dozens of hours. You could easily be 90 hours in then realise so close to the end that the final pieces of the puzzle were unobtainable. So frustrating.

        On the other hand, it seems these days more and more games are released broken due to the fact they know they can fix them afterwards and this is becoming the norm. So there becomes less incentive to purchase the game on release at full price.

      • If I remember correctly, to play one of the Leisure Suit Larry games, didn’t you have to answer a few multiple choice questions correctly to prove you were over 18?

      • @ Lieutenant, I could never complete Kings Quest 2 or 4 (can’t remember) after hours in as I didn’t give someone a certain object right at the beginning. Something like that anyway, I was gutted.
        Games were generally much harder then. Hardly anyone was able to get past a couple of levels on most games, let alone complete them.

      • @lieutenant I had xcom on psone, can’t remember the bugs but I remember it had ridiculously long loading times, probably the worst in all my gaming years.

        As for bugs in old games, Road Rash 2 would crash whenever I completed it.

      • @Starman Thankfully there weren’t any bugs for the first Xcom game, Enemy Unknown. Loading times were pretty long for both of them though as I recall.

  9. I remember as a kid playing Rastan on my C64 (1985)and buggered if I could get past a certain point…only to find out just a few years ago it was a bug and no-one could…

  10. Well, they were supposed to release Risk last week – but it looks like that was quietly pulled from the store at the last minute. Unpatchable?

    • They probably redesigned it so it featured Sony and North Korea.

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