Watch The Full Length 30th Anniversary Naughty Dog Doc Here

Well this is a rather fitting way to end the news coverage before Christmas, a nice long film to sit down and watch whilst munching on mince pies and Quality Street.

The fifty minute film below charts (aha!) the rise of Naughty Dog, one of, if not the, best developers to grace games consoles. The story covers Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Ski Crazed in which you ski to the bottom of a mountain “to meet babes.” It’s a fascinating watch packed full facts, who knew the original Crash Bandicoot was created by just six people?


With that, I shall bid you a Merry Christmas from the TSA news team, we will be back next week. Tata!

Source: YouTube



  1. On my Watch Later list. Very much appreciated, fella. :-)

  2. Brilliant watch. Really enjoyed that so cheers for posting it up.

    • Does it have Last of Us spoilers, as I haven’t played the game yet?

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