[UPDATE] Christmas Killjoys To Be Investigated By The F.B.I.

The Internet miscreants, who shall remain nameless because we really don’t want to give them any more publicity, who claimed to have disrupted both the Xbox and PlayStation networks over Christmas are to be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“The FBI is investigating the matter,” a spokesperson told GamesBeat. “Given the pending nature of the case, we cannot comment further.”


As the DDoS attack caused the Xbox and PlayStation online stores to go down the attack which means the act could be considered criminal damage. The “hackers” have also set up a DDoS service which allows anyone to take down a network for a fee and are reportedly selling the 3,000 lifetime passes to download site Mega, which they were given by Kim Dotcom to cease the attacks over the Christmas period.

UPDATE:  Hello, yes I know I’m made doing news at 8pm on New Year’s Eve but I thought you might want to know that the first squad member has already been arrested by the UK police. Happy New Year everyone! TC

Source: Venturebeat



  1. Prison showers for the lulz.

    • Photos of the alleged culprits seem to show that at least one of them may be considered ‘pretty’.

  2. I hope they get a nice long sentence and have their lives destroyed. Might sound harsh but they need to be made an example of

  3. Probably just as likely that some of them get hired by them rather than getting ‘banged up’ like they have deserve.

  4. Personally, I’d rather they were being investigated by ISIS.

    What will the FBI do, tell them they’ve been very naughty and give them a job?

  5. All well and good but if they’re not on American soil, the FBI can do sweet FA about it.

  6. Arrested by the authorities in this country?
    Ah well,there’s one getting off easy then…

  7. Surprising that the police bail form contains the date and time of his next appearance at the police station.

    That would be useful info for anyone wishing him harm.

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