Santa Monica Studio Holding God Of War 10th Anniversary Celebration In March

It’s been nearly 10 years since Kratos angrily burst onto the PlayStation scene in the original God Of War, setting up a major new franchise in the process. Now Santa Monica Studio has announced that in March there will be a celebration for the ten year milestone, though have left out details on what that may entail. We already know that a new God Of War game is in development, and it won’t be a prequel either.

In late March we are going to celebrate 10-years of God of War in a special anniversary celebration for our fans. Hey, that’s you. We’re looking forward to this.

During this celebration we shouldn’t expect too many huge details with the studio stating the game itself is quite far away, but maybe there will be a glimpse of what the series offers next. For example we could get news that a new god of war from a different culture will take the main spot from Kratos. Orm in the spirit of the current gen, there will be an announcement of God Of War Ascension Remastered.

Source: Sony Santa Monica 



  1. Bring GoW3 & Ascension HD collection to PS4 winning

  2. More remakes. Yay.

  3. Please let it be all the games. One disc. PS4. Pleassssssssseeeee :-)

  4. I can’t tell if Orm is a GOW pun or someone was editing the article whilst drinking. ;)

    I hope they move away from Kratos as he is just full of one emotion and anger can only take a franchise so far. Unless it’s the Hulk. They should move onto another period and avoid it being a rehash of the original trilogy.

  5. Ah, so this is the time that they are finally killing off Kratos then.

    If not, they should be! Such a dull protagonist.

  6. I know most want a new hero and if so why not show his brothers story? Or make Kratos go after another group of God’s like Egyptians

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