Sony Responds To PSN Outage With Free Five Day Plus Extension & 10% Discount Codes

Over the Christmas period the PlayStation Network suffered a lot of downtime due to various issues, with the main being a certain group DDoSing the servers which meant players could not connect. It would have been a frustrating time for those who wanted to use the online services, especially as many would have got PS4s for Christmas and this would wasn’t a great first impression. Sony has acknowledged what has happened and has offered a little compensation for all those who were affected.

First off PS Plus members, including trial members, will get five days automatically added to their accounts for free. It hasn’t gone live just yet, and if your membership runs out before it is applied Sony will still add the five days to your account. Secondly all PSN members will receive a 10% discount code to use in the store, and this will discount will apply to one purchase. That means you can put as many items as you want in your basket, with the 10% coming off the final total  Again this isn’t live yet, and it probably won’t come into effect until after the bulk of the January sales are over. The codes will likely be sent to your emails so keep an eye on your inbox.

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  1. 5 days is simply replacement for the 5 lost days, nothing ‘extra’ about it

    10% off PSN? Hopefully can get close to a retail price with that

    • I was thinking something similar.

      Replacing what was lost is not really acceptable compensation; it’s just giving back what people should have had all along. For many people, these five days are not going to be days at home with free time and friends/family around, as Christmastime would have been.

      10% off things in the Store also seems a little cheeky to me. You actually have to part with money to benefit from this, so Sony still end up “winning”.

      That special time of the year is over or almost over now and I think more could be done to make up for what happened. I wasn’t particularly affected myself, but I feel for the ones who were. I read of one boy opening his PS4 and being able to do no more than browse the user interface. Five replacement days of PS Plus won’t make up for his day!

      • Well said !!!

        C’mon Sony step it up …..

        You have the means .. can’t the customers win just once? ???

      • Replacing what was lost is exactly reasonable compensation. I’d love Sony to offer us all a free game or something, but this offer is totally fair. The 10% off purchases is beyond what they need to do. Its a good business choice too as it will generate money for them.

      • Replacing what you’ve already paid for isn’t compensation, especially given most people weren’t at work and it was there best chance to get some value out of the service they pay for.

        10 days would have been compensation.

        And then requiring customers to part with yet more money in order to benefit from a tiny discount is pretty shitty, especially when what you buy is cheaper elsewhere and carries resale value for you

  2. I was away so i missed the apparent downtime that many suffered, although my friends told me they were playing online with no issues throughout Christmas. Still though, i’m happy about the 5 extra days even though i don’t play online – it’s still 5 extra days on the timeout of any of my plus library and the 10% discount will be welcome too. Nice gesture.

  3. It seems like Sony didn’t put much effort into compensating PSN account holders but they are not required to and replacing 5 lost days on PS+ is fair. As for the 10% discount, chances are, you’re best heading to Game or Cex instead of paying whatever the store is charging. That said, i’ve not accessed the store in years so i could be wrong about the prices.

    If i had access to PSN before it went down for 5 days, i wouldn’t have been fussed apart from being unable to import custom world states into DA:I.

    I wonder if a majority of users will be outraged at this and demand a free game or weren’t bothered by the outage?

  4. I personally only had issues Christmas afternoon night and was online on boxing day, had some issues Boxing Day night. So from my perspective 5 days is generous and the 10% off on top of the January sale + plus discount is just a bonus. Don’t be greedy people, start your 2015 positive.
    Did ms compansate XBL users yet? I hope they’ll do something similar.

    • Some of us suffered for the whole 5 days so we dont share your experience therefore 5 days is not generous at all given as others have said this was over the holiday period. Personally i dont want compensation, i want sony to put some money into the PSN to improve it.

  5. I know they dont have to give us anything but this is crap. 10% off games that are 40% overpriced to begin with. Thanks. I wonder what MS will cough up? I haven’t been able to sync/view my achievements on the XB1 for 2 days. None of the trophies I’ve earned are popping so I dont know if I should stop playing altogether or what. I thought MS were supposed to be better at this kind of stuff. Never had a problem with my trophies on the playstation. This is just poor.

    • Do you only play games for achievements/trophies? Sounds kinda sad.

      It’ll likely work itself out in time, I wouldn’t worry.

      • I think most people outside of the gaming community would consider grown men playing video games to be quite sad. How about grown men queuing up at midnight or taking a day off work to play a new release? But I digress. The point is, a person’s perception of what’s ‘sad’ or not is subjective. Some people might find it embarrassingly sad for a grown man to have a mario avatar. Do I? No. I’m not judgemental. What people do with their free time makes no odds to me. So if people want to play games JUST for achievements/trophies, what business of that is yours? And when said feature is broken, and people aren’t happy about it, who are you to criticise their complaints and insinuate they are ‘sad’. Just sayin’.

      • Someone’s got up on the wrong foot. I apologise if I offended you.

        And it’s Reindeer Luigi, not Mario BTW. Much more mature. :-P

      • Yeah, it does seem very sad that someone would stop playing a game just because a few Trophies didn’t.

      • Well said JR.

    • The achievements not unlocking has happened a couple of times but as far as I know its always affected everyone at the same time. I think the last time was about August though so I’m not sure what’s happening with yours but the progress is recorded so you’ll not lose anything, it just need to authenticate the unlock with the achievement servers. Try xbox support on twitter if you can, they are usually helpful.

  6. Seems fair to me. Everyone needs to remember that this outage wasn’t Sony or Microsoft’s fault, it was vandalism by kids who I hope will be getting a criminal record as result.

    10% off the overpriced retail games doesn’t help, but I might use it on a couple of smaller games, maybe Geometry Wars.

    • Agree with this. Bit of a pain in the bum but I was too bust quaffing beer and eating mince pies to rewlly notice. Few of the old fashioned board games came out and we had a jolly old time.

      • Apologies for awful typing ( and poor spelling, no wonder i got beat at Scrabble, other word based board games are available ;)) …

      • Yeah, I didn’t get much chance for gaming either. I got GTA5 from the wife, but it took so long to install that I missed my window of opportunity!

  7. The only surprising thing is the DDoS attack was not their fault plus it is in their T&C’s of PS+ that they can take down the PSN at any time and for as long as they want thus they didn’t need to offer anything…I’m surprised they did as most companies only have to offer compensation because they “have to”.

  8. I wonder how long that 10% voucher will work…

    • Long enough for me to get 10% off of Grim Fandango??

    • A very long time I hope, but knowing Sony it will probably be a matter of weeks.

  9. bullshit!
    how the hell can some spotty prepubescent nerd herder bring down a behemoth like Sony time and time again!
    we demand more than a five day extension of your glorious ps plus and 10% off.
    how about a free game you tight wads,and i mean some premium grade top side of beef gaming,not some shitty tin of spam psn 8 bit pile of plop!

    • In terms of networking, servers, etc… Sony is no behemoth. If Google or Amazon had been knocked offline, that would have been something. Taking Xbox live down was also ‘impressive’.

      And expecting compensation is like suing a shopkeeper for not being able to buy some groceries because his shop had been burned down.

      • To be fair, Sony does use half a grapefruit and a giant do not steal sign to prevent hackers from getting it. They really do need to get an ED-209 as protection to prevent more incidents.

        Sony also didn’t have to provide any form of compensation due to it being a third party taking down the system. Yes, the 10% discount is half arsed but giving PS+ users 5 days is fair. Taking down XBL is a surprise due to MS having actual security.

      • From what i read the people who did the ddos attacks said in an interview when asked which was the easier to take down they said Microsoft by far,they said Live had virtually no security whereas sony had recently updated there security so it was more difficult.

  10. Whats all the hate for, PSN was not down, access was being blocked by the group we are not giving any acknowledgement to.
    The Terms of service state we wont be compensated for downtime so the extension is a nice gesture in my personal opinion.
    Yes digital full release games are over priced, however ive been holding off on some DLC for my xmas games so hey 10% off my basket of goods seem’s spot on to me.

    Seriously it was only a few days, with how people are reacting i wonder how you managed to survive the original PSN hack and the forever downtime that followed it.

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