Limbo May Be Creeping To PS4

Limbo is a game that has gained a reputation of being rather good, and by doing so has appeared on many a platform with the latest being the Xbox One. Limbo has already graced PlayStation consoles on both PS3 and Vita, but now it looks like it will also appear on the PS4. The evidence comes from a rating by PEGI which has got a listing for Playdead’s hit registered for the PS4.

The release date on there is a placeholder, unless there was a stealth release on New Year’s day, so we’re not clear on when the game will be released. However once a title has passed the PEGI ratings board it does usually mean release isn’t too far away. The studio is yet to comment on this registration, though we’ll probably hear more information next week as things return to normal following the holiday season.

Limbo doesn’t have cross buy support so if a PS4 release does appear it is likely you’d have to pay for it, even if you own either the Vita or PS3 version.

Source: Push Square/PEGI



  1. A very good game, which I enjoyed on the PS3. But, I can’t see any added value of the PS4 version for those who’ve already played the game on another platform. Offering cross buy wouldn’t hurt their sales much, I think.
    By the way, I got the Vita version for free after buying it for the PS3, so the game does (or did, at some point) have cross buy support.

    • Oops, sorry, didn’t read the linked article first… ;o)

  2. I have it on PS3 but those who haven’t played it before are in for a treat.

  3. I have it on both PS3 and Vita and never paid for either…won the PS3 version in an EU Playstation competition along with a Limbo T-Shirt and then downloaded the “once” cross buy version for my Vita…

    Got 100% on the PS3 but still need to re-do the “Complete the entire game in one sitting with 5 deaths or less” trophy on the Vita.

    This game, along with Braid and Rogue Legacy, are the best PSN platformers ever…Limbo is stunning…I may have to get it at some point on the PS4…for that 6-fps you know…

    • Limbo is great, but Braid is the game I really want on my Vita and PS4. Well, that and the already confirmed Bastion anyway.

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