PlayStation Vue To Launch Early 2015

You may remember a couple of months back when Sony announced a new cloud based TV service, which was dubbed PlayStation Vue. Though the name suggests a PlayStation only app Vue will actually be available across various devices, including the likes of Apple’s iPad. Vue is essentially a TV catch up service and at the moment it looks like it will only be available in the US, as there hasn’t been any announcement of a worldwide release.

The release itself is pegged for early this year, though a date of when exactly has not been confirmed. The subscription price was also not announced by Sony, but it will be a monthly structured package. By offering Vue Sony will be going up against the likes of other US services, such as Hulu. Other channels are also going to offer their own streaming services, or already do. One example is HBO and its GO app, so it is unlikely Sony will be able to offer things like Game Of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire through Vue.


However there are some big networks on board with Sony including Viacom, Fox, NBC, and CBS.

Source: IGN



  1. “Lauch” ;)

    • Sorry, we start drinking early around here. :-P

  2. The ‘catch up tv’ market is rather crowded these days. Not sure we need another one.

    • I agree. Whilst I can see and appreciate that we’re in a new phase of TV/Movie consumption, the number of outlets is crazy, though I can appreciate that they’re all vying to be the top dog. I have catch up tv on my Sky box and can also do similar on my laptop. I really don’t need for it on my games console, though some people obviously do else Sony et al wouldn’t be building up the ‘apps’ section of the PS Store with catch up services.

      • Just thought as I pressed ‘Post’ on my last comment… What happened to that proposal that some ‘prono’ channel was going to offer their viewing app on the PS Store? I recall that TC wrote an article on TSA about this around 6 months or so ago.

      • Without buying anything for the purpose of viewing catch up TV etc. I’ve got five pieces of tech that support it: sky box, smart TV, ps4, tablet and smart phone. The only one I use regularly is sky.

  3. I just want a PlayTv 2 for ps4

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