New Killing Floor 2 Screenshots Are Suitably Brutal

Killing Floor 2 was confirmed for the PS4 at the PlayStation Experience in December, and now Tripwire Interactive has released more screenshots of what the game will look like. As you can gather from the name of the game this won’t include things like puppies happily running about. Instead there’s quite a lot of blood and fire, in fact just general bloody chaos spread out across the pictures below. If you’re the squeamish sort then they may be worth avoiding.

However, if you’re interested in seeing how Killing Floor 2 is coming along check out the gallery below. The game itself doesn’t have a solid release date yet.

Source: Tripwire Interactive



  1. Looks bonkers!

  2. What would be good is if the player can utilize various misdirection tools. I’m thinking of a SAMTRAP – A trap you can throw to a specific spot and as it lands it explodes in to a burst of colour with Samantha Fox singing her big hit. That would get my attention if I were a bad guy.

    • I take it you’ve read the Uncharted comments, because if you haven’t and thats a coincidence, TSA could single-handedly (or single websitedly) be responsible for the biggest 80s career comeback in history!

      • I may have read the comment… and I may have thought it a little amusing to perpetuate the train of though in to this post.

        Don’t tell anyone here but, I would like to drop in a Sam Fox comment in random posts most days. I think we all should do our best to raise her profile on this site.

      • I’m in! They’ll be like subliminal Sam Fox BoobyTraps.

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