UK Creative Industries Reach New Record Worth Of £76.9 Billion Per Year To Economy

The UK government has announced that the UK’s creative industries, which include music, film and games, is now worth £76.9 billion per year to the economy, or  £8.8 million per hour, and accounts for over 1.7 million jobs. This is a new record high with the industry’s growth increasing by 9.9%, higher than any other sector within in the economy. The affect of tax breaks in the industry haven’t been clarified, but since these were only approved less than a year ago the long term affects can’t really be quantified just yet.

It’s obviously good news for the industry as a whole and will hopefully lead to more studios popping up, which in turn make more games for players. A high growth rate is good to see too though I expect it will drop a bit over the next couple of years, as that’s what happens in most industries.

Source: Press Release


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  1. Stunning news and very interesting to see what the figures are. Cheers, Aran. :-)

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