Monthly Xbox One Updates Return With Transparent Tiles And Game Hubs

One of the things the Xbox One really had going for it as 2014 came to a close were the monthly updates Microsoft kept rolling out. It gave them the image of a company that listened to user feedback and really wanted to improve the dashboard, and improve it they did. Although it still has several ongoing issues, Major Nelson just announced that the monthly dashboard updates are back for Xbox One beginning next month.

The February update will see the implementation of transparent tiles, game hubs, and a variety of new TV implementations. The transparent tiles have been pretty heavily requested by Xbox One users since custom backgrounds became possible late last year, and game hubs are kind of like a profile for each game that gathers a bunch of relevant information about the game and puts it all in one place.

For the complete preview, check out the video below.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. It’ s nice to see microsoft being pro active and approachable about the tweaks they are making. Even if some of them seem like stuff that should have been there from the start.

  2. Time to opt-in again I think.

  3. Nice :) Keep em coming.

  4. Good stuff, proving that they are listening to feedback. I can’t watch the video at work but game hubs sound something like the PS4’s live game tabs?

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