Xbox One Going Back To $349 In The States After Another Successful Month In December

Microsoft just announced that the Xbox One was the best selling console in the United States again for the month of December, which takes their winning streak in that region to two straight months. In light of that, they also just announced that they’re dropping the price back to $349, just two weeks after they brought it back up to $399 when the holidays ended.

Phil Spencer also took the time to make a short video discussing their recent success and what we can expect from Xbox in 2015. It’s not much you don’t already know but he also touches briefly on their commitment to gaming on Windows, which we’ll hear more about next week at the Windows 10 event.

I think $349 is a great price for the Xbox One, even without any bundled games, but where was this decision two weeks ago? After such a successful run at that price, why take the price back up for just two weeks and then drop it again? Anyone who bought the console over the past two weeks will surely be upset that they missed out on a $50 savings, considering that’s almost the price of a brand new game.

Regardless, this is definitely the price point that suits it the best at this particular point in time. It’ll be interesting to see how the Xbox One fairs on this side of the new year.

Source: Xbox Wire, YouTube



  1. I’m quite surprised to see MS haven’t released a statement on their holiday sales yet despite this news. Sony were quick enough to announce their 18.5 million and MS normally aren’t shy about their own successes. Perhaps this permanent price cut is a reaction to not doing as well as they’d have hoped, despite doing much better than last year.

    • NPD results indicate Xbox One beat PS4 for December, though only by 100-200k. They both sold over 1 million for the month.

      Xbox probably got smokes world wide over December, which is why they are concentrating on the US. Thus the perm price cut, they want to have some kind of positive news story, so they are taking a loss in the US in order to (perhaps in a few months) wrestle the lead from Sony and be able to claim they are the “number one console in the US”.

      The reality will be that even if they take that crown, they will be millions (8-10) behind PS4 worldwide, but leading in the US gives them an angle they can pitch. At the moment, they are trailing everywhere, literally, hence the price cuts.

      Questions now are: Do Sony react in the US? When? By how much? Do Sony instead focus aggressively on EU/JP/ROTW (I can say ROTW as an Aussie :)) and focus on getting a larger consumer base and therefore publisher support / exclusives. Exciting times ahead!

    • They got destroyed 3 to 1 in sales globally. Microsoft are again cherry picking meaningless stats to fool idiots..

    • 18.5million is a strange figure to announce by Sony (why not wait until 20 million?). I believe that Sony have deliberately announced any figure they could to stop Microsoft announcing their figure because they know that Microsoft’s number is far lower. Microsoft can’t spin it to be a positive that they’ve hit 10 million as easily if Sony have just said 18.5 themselves. Tactics

  2. I’m poised ready to purchase a PS4, but I just know that as soon as I do that price is going to drop or that HDD is going to double in size.
    So i’m gonna hang on, hopefully not for too long.

    • You won’t see a price drop for another 10 months, no need, PS4 is still selling like hot cakes. A hard drive size might happen, but given the PS4 upgradeable HDD, it’s a nobrainer issue.

      To be honest, you missed the best deals. I know plenty of people that jumped on the £230 deal (you had to trade the bundled games for store credit for that price, if you wanted cash it was £240). Those sort of deals too have gone for another 10 months.

      Dec and early Jan was the best time to buy.

      • ^^^ This. Just buy a PS4, it’s well worth it at the current price, shit, it was worth it at launch day. You can put any size 2.5″ drive in you want, as dangherman says, and probably save money over what Sony will offer when they ‘upgrade’ to 1Tb.

        I currently have a 2Tb drive in my PS4… pretty sure it’s going to be years, possibly never, that 2Tb is officially offered.

        You can sit on the sideline waiting to save a few pennies, or jump in and not regret it!

      • Oh Poo! When my kids start back at school in Feb i’ll look into it again.
        Maybe The Order will bring a nice bundle price with it?

  3. They made it clear the price was going up after December, I think this was a deliberate ploy to get more sales for December’s figures. Can’t imagine they sold many since as most would’ve got one when all the offers were on.

    Despite others downplaying it, winning the two biggest months of the year in the biggest market is quite a achievement when you look at where the console was a year ago. Never write off Microsoft.

    • Agreed, fella. Whatever it takes for Sony to push themselves and do their best, I’ll take.

      I want them (both) to look after consumers to the best of their abilities.

      • Indeed, the competitive nature ultimately benefits the customer as the different companies battle for our purchase. I read PS4’s in the US now come with a free copy of The Last of Us so Xbox’s resurgence is even benefitting PS4 buyers.

      • Yep. Every PS4 is now bundled with a digital download of The Last of Us, I believe.

        It’d be lovely to see that come across the pond to UK shores. Just keep on adding value to the bundles, Sony. It’s all good.

      • In other words as long as it’s someone else buying the Xbox turd, it’s great news to keep sony honest..

        Sony never needed Xbox to keep them honest, they were fine before Xbox existed, they will be fine long after Microsoft give up on their loss making Xbox experiments.

      • Chill your pants Blighty.

      • If every PS4 has TLoU, an 18 rated game…..?

      • God AlBlighty Starman, I was thinking that too! Lol

  4. Nice to see that the heavy discounting has helped them considerably in terms of XB1 sales, even if that only equated to a tiny margin above PS4 sales.
    I don’t think a similar discount on PS4 would make a whole lot of difference seeing as they are inventory-challenged though.

  5. Great for consumers, i’m not sure how much money Microsoft lose at that price though. It must be a calculated risk to cancel out losses now with xbox live subscriptions and platform royalties in the future.

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