What We Played #186: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Walking Dead, And A Bit Of Wrestling

Here we are again, back for another week of What We Played and we’re going to dive right in with Sam, who has been a busy bee at work but did find time to play the BioShock Infinite expansion, Burial at Sea. This ending up being a very interesting play as it started slow and “felt like a diluted version of the main game” for the first bit, but the second half was so strong that Sam ended up calling it the best DLC he’s played in a long time, possibly ever.

Sam wasn’t the only one that had a great time with his games this week, as Dom continued playing through Forza Horizon 2, from which only positive impressions came through. He was particularly thrilled with the soundtrack and couldn’t help but wonder how Driveclub stacks up, since he plans to return to it in the near future.

Dom also continued his trek through Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but he seemed to have a better time behind the wheel of a car rather than a pirate ship, as he noted that there are so many distractions in the game that it’s difficult to focus on making progress in the story. He also played some Lego: The Hobbit with his boy, and he checked in on the Monster Hunter 4 demo. You can expect to read some of his impressions on the latter in the near future.


Teflon is next on the docket and you’ll be shocked to know that he’s been playing more Destiny, making full use of the Iron Banner mode as an excuse to mow down anything that walks. When he wasn’t using his supercharge ability to blast his opponents into oblivion, he spent some time with the Don’t Starve Together Early Access on Steam, playing with good friend Bunimomike.

It’s good because I’ve barely got a clue what’s going on; I just like digging up berry bushes, replanting them and then fertilising them with beefalo poop. Mike’s managed to keep me alive for much longer than I would have done otherwise, especially now that our first winter has arrived.

Next up is Blair, who did something completely different this week and played a couple of games so he could bring you his impressions on the site. Oh wait, that’s what he always does. Well anyway, he started with a bit of Far Cry 4 DLC but he wasn’t too impressed and felt hard pressed to give a recommendation unless you just can’t get enough of the main game, but if you’d like to read more about it you can do so here. After that he loaded up a bit of Majora’s Mask 3D, and his thoughts on this remaster are fresh out of the oven for your reading pleasure.

Peter decided he needed more wrestling in his life this week, so he spent some time with a new WWE mobile game, Immortals. He noted that it’s a lot like Injustice but with a well-known cast of wrestlers, and that it played better than he imagined. Sticking with the wrestling theme, he also spent some time with WWE Supercard, an iOS card collection game with a wrestling theme. He noted that it takes a lot of grinding but since it’s an easy to game pick up for just a few minutes, it was a perfect fit for his week of waiting on other people.

On the console side of things, Peter played some Sunset Overdrive and had mostly positive things to say about it.

I’m really enjoying its sense of irreverence and silliness. I’m not too far in so still getting to grips with the traversal system. I can see why it got a lot of praise but it still feels a little disorienting at the moment – as you would expect with the third person, 3D environment. That’ll smooth out the more I play though, I’m sure.

Then came Aran, who has kept digging his way through the gaming mammoth known as Dragon Age: Inquisition. He’s pretty much through the campaign but wants to finish mopping up side quests before wrapping up the story. Aran has also been distracting himself with Bardbarian on his laptop between his writing tasks, one of which includes reviewing Saints Row IV: Re-elected + Gat Out Of Hell, which you can expect to see on the site in the very near future.

Finally there’s Jim, who I honestly forgot about until after I finished writing this, so I had to go back and add him in (sorry Jim!). He logged some time with season two of the Walking Dead on his PS3 and, oh boy, did he enjoy it!

It’s a cracking game/interactive experience that somehow manages to hit the same highs its predecessor did two years before. I originally had reservations about playing as Clementine, but in truth she proves just as complex and interesting as Lee in the original season. Needless to say, the best moments come right towards the end with a dramatic stand-off that even manages to trump big budget TV show finales. One other thing I liked was being able to see the percentage of users who chose which option at certain forks in the narrative. According to Telltale’s data, I was just one of the 10% who encountered one particular heart-wrenching conclusion.

Jim also found some time for Assassin’s Creed Unity this week, but hoped for something a little better than he got, and ultimately found that it left him longing for the Assassin’s Creed of old.

Oddly enough, my gaming week was similar to that of Jim’s, as I’ve also been playing Unity and have the same feelings about it that he did. It looks amazing but it just feels like it’s missing something. I have quite a bit left to go, but I’ve encountered so many bland moments and niggling little bugs that I’m not nearly as excited to play it as I’d hoped. I also played a bit of the Halo 5 beta, which you can read about here if you haven’t already.

I then squeezed in some time with Peggle 2, wrapping up all the boards and trials for every character, but the game I really went crazy for this week was The Wolf Among Us. Like Jim, I enjoy the Telltale style of experience and for me, this game took it to another level. I had the added enjoyment of having no clue what the game was about when I first dove in, so the story really caught me off guard and excited me in a way few games have in the past few months. I enjoyed it even more than the Walking Dead and I don’t think I can recommend it enough if you enjoy these types of games.

So that’s our week sorted. Now how about you? Tell us about your gaming conquests, disappointments, and surprises over the past week in the comments.



  1. Having finally moved in properly (well, if you ignore the 12 unopened boxes in the dining room…) I got chance to sit down last night and give the Evolve beta a try. I quite enjoyed it, not as much as L4D, but its unique and has a lot of potential.
    A lot has changed since Left 4 Dead launched on 360 however and sadly its becoming increasingly difficult for me and my mates to meet up and play games properly anymore so I’ll probably give Evolve a miss. Would buy it in a heartbeat though if we still regularly met up.

  2. Lots of AC Unity this week. Which is the best AC game in a long time. Back to a single crowded city, and the assassinations are much more fun, giving you so many more paths to take to complete them.

    So why have they got that “I want it all” trophy? (And the “Hydrogen bonded” trophy for Dead Kings). Why open things up so you can go about missions in any way you want, and then force you to do things a certain way? A bit stupid. Unless it’s to drag the game out even longer. Because obviously there’s not enough to do, with a billion chests to find and all those co-op missions. Actually, that’s something they’ve got right. Those co-op missions are lots of fun. (Except the matchmaking for the 2 in Dead Kings seems to be broken. Unless it’s some idiotic decision to force you to do them privately and invite a friend).

    Add some games from the January sale and the PS+ games for the month, and January is far too short. So why did I just order a copy of Samurai Warriors 4??

  3. Mainly Binding of Isaac at the start of the week. I should have the platinum but SCEE’s QA department are taking their time with the 1.03 patch that would actually make the last 3 trophies achievable (they’ve had it for over 6 weeks, and SCEA cleared it in a week).
    The latter half of the week has seen me going back to Diablo 3 as the new patch for that has been released which sees the addition of Ancient versions of Legendary equipment (which have much improved stats) and also some new Treasure Goblins which now drop specific item types.
    I’ve also been playing The Swapper and Switch Galaxy Ultra in between Diablo sessions.

  4. 100%’ed CoD Ghosts which took a whole year and a month, but 92/92 trophies done!

    I also got my 75th platinum, which was Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. I loved the original so I wanted it to be a milestone plat.

    I also played a bit of PvZ Garden Warfare.

    Looking forward to trying the Evolve beta tomorrow, assuming it work for me this time.

  5. I’ve played usual GTA on Ps4, also got it xbone now too. Which took 14 hours to download on super fast BB. I’ve also downloaded and fell in love with the Witcher 2 today. I’ve also had little goes on LBP 3, TWD season 2 and Velocity 2x. Also had a good go on FIFA on Xbox one.

  6. About to get Assassin’s Creed Platinum tonight. Hopefully The Crew soon if Ubisoft fix the Overclocker trophy fast!
    Also been playing inFamous First Light and will get the Platinum next week.
    Then will continue Hitman until Dying Light arrives.
    Struggling to Platinum Everybody’s Golf on the Vita but will not give up!
    So yeah busy gaming xD

    • I think I platinumed the Vita version of Everybody’s Golf but struggled to buggery with the PS3 version and left it at 80 odd percent trophies. :(

  7. Forza Horizon, Tales from the Borderlands and Unity here.

    Does anyone else find the sound-effects in Unity weird? I’m particularly thinking of voices indoors. They sound awful at times. Load times are terrible too, but mechanically it’s probably the best AC.

  8. Driveclub and The Swapper this week. Must admit I wasn’t expecting much of the swapper but it’s quite an engrossing little title… The trophies are a git to get tho’! Really enjoying Driveclub too, even if in the multiplayer I suck and end up in a race of my own in last place :-)

  9. This week it’s been more Ac Unity which I’m not far off finishing and I will start the dlc next week.
    Also I’ve played some more Destiny as I do every week :-)

  10. Small amounts of GTA5 and some AC Freedom Cry. Downloaded AC Dead Kings, but it seemed very glitchy, so gonna wait for a patch before continuing with that.

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