DMi Games Acquires NASCAR License, PS4 & Xbox One Title Expected In 2016

DMi Games has announced it has acquired the NASCAR game license from Eutechnyx, the studio that held the rights to develop titles about the sport since 2010. The deal allows DMi to create NASCAR related games for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms going forward, and the studio has announced it expects to release a game in 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Eutechnyx were working on a NASCAR 15 update, and that will be released as a digital only update for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this Spring.

DMi Games is being headed by Ed Martin, who has been in game development since the 90’s, and involved with NASCAR games for much of that time. He is joined by Tom Dusenberry who is the CEO of the new studio. He founded Hasbro Interactive and was the former President of that studio. Former license holder Eutechnyx hasn’t had a great couple of years with layoffs hitting the company, and one of its last releases, Ride To Hell: Retribution, being panned by critics across the board.

Source: DMi Games



  1. I just got Nascar 2014 over crimbo as it was only about £2.39 on PSN. What an absolute pile of Sh*te. Probably the worst driving game I`ve played in YONKS!!!

    • Looks like a pretty solid game to me. Why is it bad? perhaps the Nascar element rather than the actual game?

      • The driving just doesn’t fool good. Not like any other driving game I`’ve played and everytime you hit something the race stop and you have to join this conga line of cars in a rolling restart. Not fun at all

      • Sounds like it may be a matter of your tastes with the sport rather than what’s been done in the game.

        I’m not sure on the Nascar ’14 regulations, but I know FIA Formula 1 was close to featuring a full grid restart under crash incident (it’s a rule that does exist in some motorsports). The cars are also unlike anything else in terms of driving, with heavy weight, high power and four gears.

  2. :(

    • That was meant to be a reply to lambchop….

  3. I hope DMI come up with some new ideas as the last couple of NASCAR games have been much the same as the previous ones. Although I’ve enjoyed them a new twist or similar would be welcome.

  4. @Aevenger. I’m not sure but the cars just feel like no other car in any other driving game that I’ve played. Also I’ve not seen restarts in any F1 game when you just have bit of a prang. I may be that it’s just like most American sports that seem to suck the life out of it with constant stop/starts??

    • In fairness there can be a calamity in the F1 games and very little happens. All that carbon fibre just seems to disappear. Oh how we all long for that nice SLS safety car to come out, and it rarely does.

  5. Nothing holds a candle to Nascar 2003 Season from Papyrus Studios. I have enjoyed the last couple of games but they are a different beast.

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