(Updated) New RPG Vampyr In Development At DONTNOD Entertainment, Set After World War One

Focus Home Interactive and DONTNOD Studio have just revealed a new game called Vampyr, which will be an RPG. There’s very few details but our reporter at the reveal event, good ol’ Stefan, has stated the game is set just after World War One and players will take on the role of a doctor. He returns home while the Spanish Flu is going around, and is bitten by one of his patients. That bite transforms this doctor into a vampire.


Apparently the Y in the name relates to the choices in the game where the doctor faces moral quandaries as his doctor side tries to heal, while his vampire nature wants to kill and feed. The tag line for Vampyr is ‘Take blood. Save a life’. Choices won’t be clear cut within the game either, but there are very few details on that. Vampyr also sees DONTNOD trying to start up a second development team within the studio so more projects can be worked on. Vampyr is still in early development so no release date has yet been confirmed.

DONTNOD are currently in the process of releasing Life Is Strange.

Update: Vampyr will be an action RPG.

Source: Twitter/ Reporter on the scene, Stefan. 


  1. Vampyr is also the Norwegian word for vampire, so it’s likely spelled that way in other languages as well.

    RPG is an interesting genre, given the description I’d expect an adventure game a’la Telltale.

  2. I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned vampire tale.

  3. Sounds like it has potential

  4. could be good if the combat is up to scratch.
    it was a little meh in Remember Me.

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